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Visit Preparation
Preparation is the key to a
successful visit!

When preparing for a school visit, the
first and most important step is to
make sure I know what your goals
are.  I need to know the age, grades
and number of students.  Some
schools prefer more entertainment
while others want a more serious
learning experience.  I am willing to
provide what you're looking for, but I
will never know unless you tell me!
The Day of the Visit

Make sure you know in advance what is
needed in the way of props (i.e., a slide
projector, easel and markers, white board,
or microphone) and have them ready.
Provide water and help locate restrooms or
the teachers' lounge during breaks, and
coordinate lunch plans. (Will I eat in the
lounge or with the students? Will staff have
lunch with me?) Have teachers monitor
students' behavior during presentations.
Ask teachers to move quickly to deal with
any disturbance. Share with me your
favorite "quiet" signal (one hand in the air,
a clap sequence, etc.) so I can call for
quiet if it's needed.
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The Week of the Visit

These are a few things that can be
done to get the students excited about
the author visit.  Hang a banner in the
school lobby where students, teachers,
and parents will illustrate a scene from
one of my books. Hang the illustrations
on the classroom or hall walls. Write
stories that they can share with me.  
Keep encouraging students to read my
work and them talk about it.

Ask them to prepare questions for the
author. Talk to the students about the
importance of being a good audience.
Remind them of what kind of behavior
you expect from them in the assembly.
After the Visit

I love to know if the students enjoyed
the assembly so encourage them to
older students to discuss my work by
comparing and contrasting it with other
authors'.  Have the teachers and other
faculty provide me with feedback. Did
you and the students enjoy the visit?
Would you have done anything
differently? It can be e-mailed to me at . Your
feedback helps me provide the highest
quality program.
If your library is not stocked with my books then
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The students make their own  illustrations
of clouds to go with "Boy on the Hill"
The students put their names in
story titles and then illustrate them
"Lilly the Ladybug"
Daniel Dinosaur stood six feet tall
Bill the bat art project
Join the Adventure
an Read!
Bill the bat shirt
The students all signed this
Happy Birthday Banner

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Here are some other tips on how to prepare for a great visit:  One month in advance:   Read, Read, and Read!

Appoint one or more educators - the media specialist, reading specialist, or classroom teacher - to visit each classroom and
talk about my work.  The more the students know about an author, the more they'll appreciate and benefit from the visit.

Plan an itinerary for the visit day
, accounting for presentations, breaks, or special events.  E-mail the itinerary to me in
advance so I can look it over and discuss any issues with you.  Send the finalized itinerary to all the staff in your school so
they'll be aware of the day's events.  Contact your local newspaper about the visit.  Place a blurb in the school newsletter
publicizing the event.
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