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Testimonials for Daryl
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Liberty Bell School
"The students were engaged the whole time -- I loved it! The
music and stories were wonderful and the program information
was adjusted appropriately for the PreK to 2 group, and the 3-6
group.  You are a talented author, entertainer… just a GREAT

Kerry L. Salerno,
Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction
Moonachie School District, New Jersey
"One of the best assemblies we’ve had in many years.  
Don’t miss him!"
-- Phil Giaquinto, Principal
Pen Argyl, School District,
“Absolutely amazing and by far the best author assemblies we have ever had,
the best and I mean the best!!!”
--Natasha Perski , Teacher / Assembly Coordinator  
Freehold Boro Schools, Freehold, New Jersey
At the end of every school visit I ask the assembly coordinators to fill out
an evaluation form. This form is meant to help me provide the best
programs possible and to make sure I am covering topics in my programs
that are most relevant to what the students are learning in class.  

At the bottom of this form is a place for additional comments
and here are just few:
"Our kids learned quite a bit from the assemblies! It’s a
great learning experience disguised as a fun assembly.”
--Michelle Ryan, Principal
Bardstown, Kentucky
West Broad Street Elementary School Teachers:

The program was geared to all types of learners.  The music was great and the student interaction was a great success.  The
students were engaged from the very beginning of the presentation, and Mr. Cobb was very professional with his interactions. Using
humor and personal stories, the children were able to connect with the author.

The student interaction was great and I loved the musical addition!  It was not a lecture, but almost like a concert involving all the
students and adults. The children were motivated to go back and write during writing workshop that day.

The children were able to meet a real life author that made the writing process exciting. They were laughing the entire presentation!  
The authentic examples of "sloppy copy" helped the kids to make a connection to what writing was all about, and how to find
writing ideas out of the ordinary moments of the day.

I loved when the kids were able to participate and help make a story.  I loved the example of adding more details to characters,
enriching the plot by adding a problem and solution.  It was very engaging and interactive.  I would love to see Mr. Cobb come to
WBS again!!

I love that you were able to motivate the children to think about ideas for writing, you met the needs of many grade levels and you
were an enjoyable performer as well!  I believe my students were able to glean that ideas are all around us and can be very simple
ones to initiate thinking of a story.

Your program was fun and enjoyable...positive and uplifting.  I think that you showed our children just how much you love books,
and the craft of writing. I feel the program was very inspiring for our young writers.  I enjoyed the singing and how you told about
your life and books and put songs into your program.   

Very interactive, entertaining and enjoyable :)

Blairstown Elementary School Teachers and PTA
Hosted by the Blairstown PTA   Contact: Debbie O'Brien        e-mail:

“Your program was tailored perfectly to the appropriate grade level and you have an excellent balance of interaction, (something that
you do very well) performing and audience participation while giving an inspiring educational message.  This is a program that I
would recommend to other schools.”

“I think that it's important for children to know that reading & writing are a fabulous way to express yourself.  No matter how old
you are, you can always put your imagination on paper and see what magic will appear.  Your program shows the students of every
age how that magic happens.”

“It's very hard to pick a favorite part.... it all was honestly so great!!”  

“You have a wonderful voice and watching the kids and adults respond to your music was so much fun.  Hearing you read your
stories brought so much life to them and seeing how one idea could be transformed into a story was inspiring.  

“It was so enjoyable to watch you interact with the kids and see them respond to you.  I don't think anyone has ever interacted with
the children the way you did... and they responded to you in such a positive way.  You bring so much energy and enthusiasm to
your program from beginning to end.”

“I know that our students took away something inspiring from watching and listening to you.  Whether they are thinking about
becoming an author themselves, or are thinking in a new way when they need to do an assignment for school, I believe they came
away believing that writing a story or a song is a wonderful thing and truly a great way to be expressed.”

“You really are a very talented and inspirational person.  I enjoyed it all so much.“  

"It was a wonderful assembly. The students were engaged and really understood your message of reading, writing, and using your


"You truly are a professional who understands children,                                                                                                  
imaginative and creative and your performance proves all of this!

--Lisa Marie Arieno, Development & Events Coordinator, Spina Bifida Association

"Awesome job today!  It was so much fun!"

-- Kelly Fitzmaurice, Teacher's Aide, Liberty Bell School, Coopersburg, PA

"Thank you for the fun program!  I would recommend it to others because it was interactive, educational and high energy. The
children learned about the writing process and story elements from a published author and it was fun because of the songs and
student participation.

--Carol Webster, 3rd Grade Teacher, Whiting Elementary School, Manchester Township, NJ

Great Presentation!

Your assembly at Moore School today was very enjoyable.  Luckily, I was able to see the first assembly.  The children were
captivated by your singing and literacy message!  I wish you much luck in your career as an author.

-- Anne Pipiano, Teacher, Elizabeth Moore School, Seabrook, NJ

I saw Nancy (Principal) today and she LOVED the assemblies and kept talking about your terrific books and your ability to turn
anything into singing! (You sing really well!) The assemblies were a big hit and the students were all thrilled.  I think that the flow
was great and you demonstrated the writing process perfectly.  

You love what you do and it really shows!

-- Betsy Knaub, Teacher, Conley School, Bethlehem Township, NJ

On behalf of Conley School we want to thank you for the TERRIFIC assemblies you presented to our students on Thursday.  We
were all thrilled to have such a special "celebrity" as a guest in our school.  We really appreciate your time and effort on behalf of the
students at Conley School.

-- Dr. Nancy Lubarsky, Principal, Conley School, Bethlehem Township, NJ

Your presentation for our School House Reads event was wonderful! I loved your music and songs. It really kept the students’
attention. They were interested and captivated by your work. Parents and teachers also thought you were a hit! We hope to have
you back next year for our Read Across America week.

Thank you very much!

[p.s.] Your displays were awesome! Books are phenomenal! Love them!”

-- Hillary Della Penna, Librarian at East Amwell School, Ringoes, NJ 908-782-6464 ext. 233

We really appreciated the show you put on for the children.  We all loved it and hope you'll come back again next year.  It is not
easy to hold the attention of 3 and 4 year olds for an hour and I was thrilled to see how well you captivated the children.  The mix
of stories, songs and interaction was perfect for this age group.  The children were familiar with the songs and you really made the
stories come alive for the preschoolers.  You did a great job!  

-- Sharon Klamek, Director at Milford Preschool, Milford, NJ

This show was more than I expected and I am amazed that you kept the children's attention for that long of a time period.  I really
could see you doing this show on Public Television. The presentation was so well put together with strong visuals... backdrops...
powerpoint for the stories and great music.

                         --Kathy, Teacher at Milford Preschool  

First of all, the books are terrific! The children can relate to the stories and the exciting illustrations. The music was a great addition
to the program. The power point was also a very good idea. Great visuals, Great Show!"

--Janet Higgins, Teacher, East Amwell School, Ringoes, NJ 908-782-6464

Thank you so much for the assembly.  You did a truly fabulous job and the teachers have been saying how phenomenal it was.  The
students were very captivated and inspired and everyone is very excited to begin our book writing project.  We really appreciate
how well you tied our project into the assembly and it created such an exciting buzz about book writing from teachers, students and
parents!  Thank you again for a wonderful assembly.

-- Caralee Gately, PTA President, Third Street School, Belvidere, NJ

We found your assembly to be fun and energetic.  I loved the music and the way you engaged the kids in singing and dancing.  You
are a very talented author, songwriter and a great performer!  You have great stage presence and wonderful energy with the kids.   I
loved how you moved around to the kids sitting on their parents’ laps while singing.   You could tell they loved that!  Hopefully, in
the future we will be doing full day author visits.  I will keep you in mind and pass your info on to others.

PS—My two younger kids insisted on sleeping with their books when we got home!"

"I also wanted to commend you on the excellent job you did on your CD.  My kids(7,5 and 3) absolutely love it!  It is their new
favorite to listen to in the car."

-- Jenny Mendez, YSFA,   Bernice Young School, Berlington,

"We had Daryl come and do an assembly program based around two of his books. This program was well run from beginning to
end. Daryl provided us with gorgeous flyers to send home to the parents and we set up a display of all his books at our school.
Daryl involved the students with interactive writing exercises, reading and singing. The power point was a nice touch to the
program, it really allowed a large group of children to see all the words and experience the amazing illustrations. It was beautifully
done and everyone had a great time!! We plan to have him back in the future and I would recommend him highly for school

--Cathy Torrey, Culture Arts Assembly Coordinator, Lester D. Wilson School, Alexandria Township, (908) 996-4541

I am already receiving very positive feedback on your presentation last night.

Thanks for a great job on your part.”

-- Larry Mendelowitz, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, East Hanover Township Public Schools, East Hanover, NJ Office:
973-887-2112 x133

I wanted to let you know how much we all enjoyed your visit to CPS -both teachers and students. You are a hard act to follow.
Anyway, we are already thinking about Read Across America day on March 2, 2008. Would you possibly consider visiting our
school again and being part of the day? We're not exactly sure what we're doing yet, as we are just in the beginning stages of
planning something. If you could just let me know whether you're interested and available, I would definitely be contacting you with
additional information.“

-- Lauren Lebkuecher, Librarian at Clinton Public School, Clinton, NJ (908)735-0950 ext. 141

Hopefully you received the letter from my kindergarten class. They loved the show.”

--Arleen Ivankevich, Teacher, Clinton Public School, Clinton, NJ (908)735-0950 ext. 127

"Thank you for coming to our school. Our students enjoyed your presentation. It was a very fun morning!! We appreciate all of your
hard work! The feedback that has been given to me by the staff was also very positive. Once again, everyone enjoyed your visit and
thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with our school."

--Kathy Puleo, Librarian, Immaculate Conception School, Annandale, NJ 908-735-6334

Thanks for entertaining us all morning. Great show!”

--Ana Flynn, Teacher, Immaculate Conception School, Annandale, NJ

“I found the presentation very enjoyable. You are extremely talented and personable. The kids enjoyed the music and songs and
learned a lot about the writing process. I love the "I Love You Song.“

--Teacher, Califon Public Schools, Califon, NJ

The program was very entertaining, especially the interactive portion. I felt the segment on writing and editing was very important
and getting the students involved in the process really . The music was great and fun sing-a-longs!”

--Teacher, Califon Public Schools, Califon, NJ

You have a great deal to share, a wonderful voice and beautiful stories.”

--C. Behrens, Teacher, Califon Public School, Califon, NJ  
"Students need to see that reading, literacy and lyrics
can be fun; Daryl does that in a big way!  It was not
the traditional author visit with a simple talk and
reading.  Daryl brought the stories and the show to
life!  Absolutely!  The best author day I have seen
and one of the best assemblies I have been a part of!"

-- Sam Hafner, Principal, Liberty Bell School,
Coopersburg, PA
"Thanks again for such a wonderful day on Friday!  You are getting rave
reviews from everyone!!!"

--Danielle Ferrara, Program coordinater,3rd Grade Teacher
Tulsa Trail School, Hopatcong, NJ
“Thank you for a wonderful day at Lincoln School! It was a pleasure meeting you and everyone
really enjoyed your shows; what a great time!  My principal called me into his office and told me
that he definitely wants you to come back next year.”

--Corey Varela, School Activities Coordinator,
Teacher at Lincoln School, New Brunswick, New Jersey
"Wow, amazing assemblies is all I can say!  The writing
workshops were also a big hit. My eldest son came home
talking about the fantastic time he had making the story in
Mrs Casserly's class and Nate has been listening to your
CD non stop. Thank you so much for the wonderful visit
to CVE. The students and teachers had a wonderful time."  

-- Angela Jones Middleton, Assembly Coordinator    
Cromwell Valley Elementary, Towson, MD  

We all LOVED you!  Thanks for the wonderful assemblies.
I made a short video (will try to send it to you) and when I
play it the kids love singing along with you all over again!

-- Anne F. Groth, Technology/Library Media, Cromwell
Valley Elementary, Towson, Maryland  

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We had a wonderful
day with you yesterday and hope you enjoyed your time
here as much as the students and teachers did.  I am
encouraging the teachers to look into your inspiration
project and thanks, again!

-- Cynthia A Stevens, Reading Specialist, Cromwell Valley
Elementary, Towson, Maryland  
I've been arranging author visits for 25 years and have met many, many
authors, so trust me when I say that Daryl was way up there -- among my
five favorites! Each of those favorites presented a top-notch show with a
super visual presentation, they're lively, enthusiastic, and they inspire
children to write.  AND, each has a "special" aspect to their show.  Daryl
has all of that -- a fantastic power point, he engaged the children through
song, he is one of the most enthusiastic presenters, his message of looking
for inspiration in their everyday world was super! -- AND his "special"
feature is his top-notch musical component!

-- Mrs. Linda M. Kolb, Supervisor of Instruction
Silver Bay Elementary School, Toms River, New Jersey
"Thank you so very much for such a wonderful day, it was one that our
students will never forget!!!"

Assembly Coordinator, Pam Rose
Silver Bay Elementary School, Toms River, New Jersey
"You were fabulous, I really enjoy today's program.  
You are an excellent presenter and had each individual,
young and old, engaged.  Good Job Mr. Cobb."

--Tamra Adam, Title I Reading Specialist
Perry Elementary School, Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania
I loved how you engaged the students and got them to participate.  It was
nice to see you go into the audience to teach and perform, getting down
among them at their level, even when singing. I have been having author
assemblies for the past 6 years and I have had teachers ask me how I am
going to be able to “top this one” next year!

-- Pat Parker Reading Specialist
Kingsville Elementary School, Kingsville, Maryland
BOCES is a New York States organization
that helps to support arts in education in their
schools.  The schools are asked by BOCES at
the conclusion of the programs to rate all its
educational performers on a scale of 0-5, with
4.5 to 5 being excellent.  Daryl Cobb's
programs were rated by teachers and
administrators of these schools-- receiving a
rating of
excellent by BOCES.
It was great~we are so happy! The teachers were impressed with the way
you could communicate appropriately and effectively with each group in a
different way.  The interactive elements of your program really kept the
students involved.  Thank you for a wonderful visit!

-- Kristin Swanson Librarian
Cumru Elementary School Library,Shillington , Pennsylvania
I thought your program was off the charts, and so did my staff. Everyone
was buzzing about it after school on Friday and the students are still talking
about the assembly today, even after a weekend.  

-- Judy Rothenberger,  Reading Specialist
Oak Ridge Elementary, Harleysville, Pennsylvania
"Without a doubt, you are amazing and the kids loved you! This was one of
the best assemblies I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Not only
were you amazing, you were age appropriate for all viewers, spot on
developmentally. The children as well as the grown ups just loved it, loved

-- Cheryl Green Teacher
New Egypt Elementary School, New Egypt, New Jersey
“Thank you for visiting my school! So many teachers stop me today to tell
me that you were "awesome", "wonderful", "the best we ever had" and so
on and so on! You were fantastic and it was an absolute pleasure to spend
the day with you.”

-- Linda Risden Librarian, Wolf Hill School, Oceanport, New Jersey
“Your presentation was both motivating and captivating.  Teachers sought
me out to tell how fantastic it was and to rave about your workshops.  They
were very pleased.   Elementary aged children are like sponges and you gave
them so much to hold onto!!

-- Dawn Martin Assembly Coordinator
New Albany E.S. Cinnaminson, NJ
The presentations were absolutely fantastic.  Daryl's creativity, talent, and
love of children fill the room. Students were engaged and very entertained
during the whole presentation.  His presentations go way beyond the typical
“author visit presentation”.  It’s so much more!

-- Carol Rice, Librarian
Plainfield Elementary, Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Thank you again for coming to Overdale!  The students and staff loved it!
-- Jenniger Sego, PTA President
Overdale Elementary School, Louisville, Kentucky
"Thank you again for a fantastic day!! We are so appreciative of
everything you so expertly shared with
our students-they were simply

Laura King, Librarian
Bardstown Elementary, Bardstown, Kentucky
"Daryl Cobb’s presentation was a real treat for both
students and faculty alike.  He provided three
presentations at our school and addressed students
ranging in age from kindergarten through grade
five.  At each age, the students were totally
engrossed in Daryl’s interactive presentations.  
Being able to speak as an author of books as well as
a songwriter added an extra element of interest for
the students.  I highly recommend Daryl Cobb as a
visiting author for any elementary school!"

-- Nancy Braverman, Librarian
The Chatsworth School, Reisterstown, MD
“I had the honor of viewing your presentations at Solvay Elementary School
the other day and I can’t even express half of what your visit has meant to
so many.  What an inspiration to the youngsters and even the adult staff.
The flexibility for each grade level was absolutely wonderful.  The
comments from our students and teachers were so complimentary to you (I
wish you could have heard them) that I am sure you would have found
them very rewarding.  For many of our students outside life is not always
easy; you have helped some of these children to find a spark of confidence
in themselves as well as given them hope that one day their talents can be
put to use.    I thank you sincerely and with great appreciation.”

-- Verna Jean White, Special Education
Solvay Elementary School, Solvay, New York
Thank you so much for the assembly.  You did a truly fabulous job and the teachers have been
saying how phenomenal it was.
 The students were very captivated and inspired and everyone is
very excited to begin our book writing project.  We really appreciate
how well you tied our project into the assembly and it created such an exciting buzz about book
writing from teachers, students and
parents!  Thank you again for a wonderful assembly.

-- Caralee Gately, PTA President,
Third Street School, Belvidere, NJ
"I have seen many educational shows come into this school
and I just had to tell you that
I thought yours was simply

--Loretta Ziegler, Librarian
Lester D. Wilson School, Alexandria, NJ
"Thank YOU for coming to WBS!!!  The day was a huge success
and your understanding of the concept of "conflict" and how to
add details to their writing to make it come alive. It was
wonderful to see how you catered each presentation to the grades
who participated.  I loved the interactive nature of it, I loved the
fact that you sang to and with the children and I loved the way
you incorporated several different modes of entertainment (story
elements, writing, music). They were so engaged and truly
excited!  That kept the children hooked throughout!  As an adult,
I was truly motivated, so I'm sure they were too!"

--Elisabeth Babich,Communication Arts Resource Specialist
West Broad Street Elementary School, Souderton, PA
Program coordinated by Elisabeth Babich  
"Your program was so much fun!  The children loved the
interaction and it was great that they all had a chance to
participate. Your assembly was so well done that the children
were interested, involved and excited throughout. The children
loved the music and singing and the teachers loved how you
mixed in the educational elements. I have receive lots of
compliments on your assembly from students and teachers. Our
librarian and several teachers have has asked for your contact

--Tracy Koponosh, University Heights School, Hamilton, NJ,  
University Heights PTA, Assembly Coordinator
"Your program was very well suited for a variety of grade levels and
the students loved it.
 My favorite part, as well as the students, was
the story creating activity. Any time the students can directly interact
with the author, they all become fully engaged. What a wonderful way
to have the students’ full attention. I also enjoyed the music throughout
the program.  I think the students took away so much that will help
them in their future career as student writers."

--Elena Bermudez, Media Specialist,
Mennies Elementary School, Vineland, NJ
"It was an amazing and unique presentation.  I'd
recommend your program to other schools and I'd feel as
if I were suggesting a 'gift' that could only give pleasure
and joy.  You deserve a resounding round of applause!"

--Tom Newhard, 2nd Grade Educator,
Liberty Bell School, Coopersburg, PA
"It was so wonderful seeing the response in our students' eyes
to your exciting presentation!  You got down close to our little
people and looked into their eyes with music, rhythm, poetry
and bold graphics...!  I was awed by your program!"

-- Phil Markley, Teacher
Liberty Bell School, Coopersburg, PA
Our kindergartners and staff were entertained and captivated by
your interaction, storytelling and singing.  The children enjoyed
singing along to your lively renditions of some favorite songs and
really like the guitar playing.  We all loved how you illuminated the
story writing process with the slide show of your books and we all
enjoyed getting to know you through your family photos and
stories.  We would highly recommend your program and look
forward to having you back again.  

--Judy Gurlacz, School Activities Coordinator, and Teachers at
Robert F. Drummond School, Lake Hopatcong, NJ
"The best educational assembly we have ever had!"

-- Mercedes Berrios, Principal,
Elizabeth Moore School, Seabrook, NJ
The assemblies were so much more than I expected, even
the teachers were engaged;
it was informative, fun and
entertaining. You are a great performer and your ability to
use every student at the assembly and not just the few
chosen to work or sing with you was exciting; even the
teachers were singing along.  The Elmwood PTA was very
pleased and the feedback from the teachers and staff has
been excellent.”

-- Amy Palmer, 1st Vice President, Elmwood PTA
Elmwood ES,  Baltimore, MD  
"The feedback has been fantastic; the staff and the students
thoroughly enjoyed your presentations.  The teachers especially
noted how you got down at eye level with students and made
them feel such a part of your program.  
These were definitely
some of the best programs we have ever had!
 It was great
having you visit our school!!!"

--Janet.Pagoni Teacher, Assembly Coordinator
Dorothy C. Goodwin ES, Storrs, CT
"You were amazing!  This was by far the best author
visit we have ever had at this school!"

-- Mr. Cavalieri, 3rd grade teacher
Solvay ES, Solvay, NY
"Your program was fantastic, I loved it, the kids loved
it. It was the best author visit I have ever seen!"  

-- Mrs Goodnow, 3rd grade teacher
Solvay ES, Solvay, NY
You accomplished everything I was looking for in an author
visit plus so much more.
Your ability to engage the students while
teaching them the love of reading and writing was remarkable, I
could not have asked for better assemblies.  It is a HUGE
accomplishment to be able to teach, encourage and engage
students about reading and literacy. We were all quite impressed”

--Christine Santimaw Librarian
Solvay ES, Solvay, NY
“The kids really enjoyed the day and even my son said that it
was the best assembly we ever had.  I will be sure to share
this great experience with our other schools."

--Karen Kennedy, PTA President
Bowne-Munro Elementary School
East Brunswick, New Jersey
"Mr. Cobb was a fabulous presenter at Penn
Wood Elementary School. The assemblies were
fun and extremely interactive, our students and
teachers were engaged and entertained during the
entire assembly. His music, and stories made for
a great day."

--Mary Ellen Cook, Librarian
Penn Wood E.S., West Chester, PA
The assemblies were well received by both the faculty and students! The
programs were not only informative but very entertaining and truly captured
our students’ interest; they were engaged!  On the “bathroom-o-meter
scale,” you were a “10.”  The less attentive the students are in an assembly,
the greater the requests to go to the bathroom.  I believe there were only
two requests during the two assemblies.  Well done!!  

--Suzanne Pudup, Media Specialist
Lafayette Elementary School, Wayne, NJ
This was an outstanding author visit experience!  Teachers and students
have told me over and over how much they loved your assemblies.  Your
energy and enthusiasm was amazing!  It was wonderful how you
involved so many students in your program, even those sitting in the back
(an hour can be a long time for 1st and 2nd graders to stay focused.) You
fully engaged all them with music, humor, role playing, interaction, and
group participation. Your assemblies were what I expected, but you
delivered so much more. I was asked how I will find someone for next
year to top you!  Not sure I will!  So if you know of any other authors
who are in your league as far as presenters are concerned, please pass
their names along to me!  Always looking for a good one!!”

--Anita Cosslett, Librarian
Avona E.S and Wilson Boro E.S.  Wilson, PA
Daryl Cobb is an entertaining visiting author that definitely knows how
to captivate and entertain all of the different age groups. He quickly
drew them in with his music and stories and held their attention
throughout. He made the children laugh and even circulated in and
around the audience as he played the guitar, sang, talked and told
stories.  Daryl spoke about his life as an author and he even managed to
hold the students' attention while talking about writing, he was able to
draw the students into each conversation by making them active
participants in whatever he was sharing with them. The educational
content of his programs, the talent and energy of the presenter, his
books and music and most notably the interactive nature of the
programs are certainly all strengths found in Mr. Cobb’s assemblies. In
addition he was just easy to work with and made many great
suggestions along the way that made my job easier."

--Nadine Elhathat, PTA Assembly Coordinator
James A. Dever Elementary School, Valley Stream, NY
"The assembly was what I expected and more especially having the live
singing and guitar playing.
 I felt the guitar music and singing grabbed the
students’ attention immediately and once they were hooked they started
learning and wanted to learn more.  Your ability to engage 3-5 year olds
and also have a challenging program to appeal to the older kids like the 4th,
5th and 6th grade students was a big plus.  The teachers felt that the
information presented was definitely in line with the curriculum and the
way it was presented was both entertaining and captivating.  We all felt
that the students were happy, excited and engaged throughout the entire
program.  It was not the typical author assembly…it was so much more!
The educational aspects are right on target; fantastic interactive programs
that were well-suited for grades preschool –grade 6."

--Ann Kahl, PTA Author Day Coordinator
LBI Grade School & Primary School , Long Beach Island, NJ
Thank you for the amazing presentations. It was our pleasure to
meet you and get to know more about your wonderful work. I
personally enjoyed the assemblies very much and have gotten great
feedback from teachers as well as the kids.  We were very pleased
with how the whole day went; it was a huge success!

--Geannina Aksoy, PTA Author Visit Coordinator
Lafayette E.S., Wayne, NJ
On behalf of the entire PTO and Lafayette community, I
would like to thank you!  
Your assemblies were wonderful
and I could see how much the children loved it!!!  I did as
well.  Not only did the children gain some knowledge from
your visit, I think a lot of us big kids did too!!  

--Staci Lupo, Lafayette PTO Co-President
Lafayette E.S, Wayne, NJ
His assemblies met all of our expectations and then some!  I loved that
he made it personal even when performing in front of such a large group.
He did a great job of differentiating the performances for our primary and
intermediate students and I especially liked that he played music as the
students were coming into the room.  They were immediately engaged and
motivated before Daryl even began.  This was also one of the first times
that our special needs students did not have to leave in the middle of the
show; that is an accomplishment.  The information he shared about the
writing process was presented in a way that was meaningful and fun.  I
especially liked how Daryl encouraged our students to “think like writers”
during the performance.  The assemblies were engaging, good paced,
informative and sincere and the stories and songs he chose to share with
them were perfect. It was wonderful visit!"

--Ruth Good, Librarian
Pine Grove Elementary, Baltimore, MD
We were very pleased with Daryl Cobb's Performance.  The teachers,
students and Principal raved about it for weeks.  Daryl made my job easy.  
He was a pleasure to work with as well.  Our PTO board decided to get the
Library package, which included a copy of each of Daryl's books.  The
books arrived a few weeks before the program.  I was very pleased with
the quality of the books, they were beautifully illustrated and my kids
enjoyed the stories. Now the whole student body can enjoy them for years
to come in the School Library.  I highly recommend the set.

On the day of performance, Daryl arrived with a complete set up, so it was
stress free on my part.  I was very impressed that Daryl was able to hold
the students attention for the entire program.  The students enjoyed his
singing, story telling, jokes and high energy.  They learned along the way
too.   Our student body consists of Pre k to 4th grade.  The content of the
program was very enriching for this age group.

I would highly recommend Daryl and we look forward to having him come
back in the future.  Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Debra Zavatsky
Conerly Road School, V.P. Daytime Events
It was a GREAT day…the kids are still buzzing! Our school
LOVED having Daryl here.  His stories and conversation with
students were powerful and reinforcing for teachers.  His
message to edit and revise and keep fixing is a Perfect one!  
Often kids give up too quickly.  It was fun, interactive and the
students were engaged.  He gave our students real world
examples of persistence in writing. I really liked the bat story
illustration drafts over the final pages…this helped them see the
process. We had a great day!

Pam Rapoza, Administrative Assistant and author visit coordinator
Dundee Elementary School, Dundee, New York
“We are so thankful for your visit! It was a pleasure to spend the day with
you listening to your stories, watching the shows and then being a part of
your interactions with the students.  What a fabulous way you have with
kids, connecting to them and sharing your life.  I will be sure to recommend
you to whomever I can!!!”

--Stephanie A. Dunk, Reading Specialist
Millstone Township Primary School, Millstone, NJ
"Not all authors are great presenters or even good for that matter. Mr. Cobb on the other hand was exceptional!
"I found myself smiling throughout Daryl's presentation as I caught myself thinking... I tell my students that all the time.
"Great music, great stories and just one of the most engaging authors visits I have ever seen!
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