Music & Storytime Show
Daycare/Preschool/Library Program

Multi-Media Show
Interactive performances & readings
Perfect for children ages 2-8
Clockwork Learning Center
Milford Preschool
"This show was more than I expected and I am amazed
that you kept the children's attention for that long of a time
period.  I really could see you doing this show on Public
Television. The presentation was so well put together with
strong visuals... backdrops...powerpoint for the stories
and great music."

--Kathy, Teacher at Milford Preschool
With my multi-media show, the stories are told
with the help of Power Point -- each page of
my stories are projected onto a movie screen or
wall for all the students to see.  This provides  
the children with the best visual experience
"Music & Storytime"
This show is filled with fun children's music and stories
An interactive reading of "Count With Daniel Dinosaur"

Watch me get this group of children to come alive! "Monkeys"

Children's Book Author
Daryl Cobb
Daryl Cobb is inspiring
children to read and write!
Interactive Educational Assemblies
& Music and Storytime Shows  (K-6)

Books/Stories by Daryl Cobb:

  • Counting with Daniel Dinosaur

  • Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You,     
    Love You, Every Day

  • Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home

  • Daniel Dinosaur

  • Bill the Bat Baby Sits Bella

  • Boy on the Hill

  • Bill the Bat Loves Halloween

  • Henry Hare's Floppy Socks

  • Do Pirates Go To School

  • Little Missy


  • Hickory, Dickory, Dock

  • I'm Loving It Here

  • Humpty Dumpty

  • ABC

  • Kitty Cats

  • Tap, Tap, Tapping

  • Little Miss Muffet                         

  • Three Blind Mice

  • Bill the Bat's Birthday Bash

  • Monkeys                                       

  • Wheels on the Bus

  • Bill the Bat Loves Halloween        

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider

  • What Do You Dream

  • Twinkle, Twinkle

  • Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You,    
    Love You, Every Day

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This is a 45-50 minute long music and story
presentation that will have the children singing,
clapping, dancing and having the best time ever.  
For a successful program, it is important for me
to make sure that the children are active
participants of the show and not just spectators,
as you will see inthese video clips.