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Before there was “Pirates: The Ring of Hope”, Daryl
Cobb wrote the story “Monkey Troubles”.  A funny
and engaging short story, it was written with a younger
audience in mind.  As Daryl came up with more and
more ideas, the story began to grow.  He would
eventually add 150 pages filled with twists and turns in
and around the original story.  The extended version of
the delightfully silly tale “Monkey Troubles” went on to
become what older readers know now as “Pirates: The
Ring of Hope”.


 A mysterious bottle with a deadly message is at the
center of this pirate story that finds Peter, Monk and
Captain Paul unknowingly in grave danger.        
 When Monk doesn't return promptly from his mission
to find Captain Paul, Peter is sick with worry. And to
make matters worse his dreams of a mysterious bottle
with a note inside has a message that is deadly and
more real than Peter could have imagined.
As the story unfolds twelve year old Peter Nichols
struggles with right and wrong and the meaning of
friendship and family.

The characters are rich and beautifully rendered,
and the story is sprinkled with humor. . . . Much of
the dialogue − especially between Peter and Monk
and Antonio and Marcus − is delightfully silly.  . . .
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Pirates: Monkey Troubles
Pirates: Monkey Troubles
Chapter Book-136 pages
by Daryl K. Cobb
for stronger young readers
or ages 7 & 11