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Always assume that I can get your school on my schedule.
Being flexible with your visit dates can make even last minute scheduling possible.
and Read!

Available by phone 8am-9pm
call 610-570-4196
I am always available to answer any and all questions but
please before contacting me to ask what my fees are, visit my
program pricing page and then if you have additional pricing
questions I will gladly answer them.

Travel Fees are additional if I am asked to travel to an area that
cannot be integrated into one of my tours. In this case, a fee
will have to be negotiated and expenses charged in addition.)
-- Attention Author Visit Coordinators
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The only schools that didn't get author visits last season either didn't call or were locked into a date that I had already booked.
Being Flexible
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Daryl Cobb
Assembly Coordinators if you need to mail
me anything please check your contracts, call
or e-mail me for the proper mailing address.

This address is for fan correspondence only.

Write:  Daryl Cobb
C/O 10 To 2 Children's Books
PO Box 5173        
Clinton, NJ  08809
Coordinators: I am very prompt in getting back to people, usually the same day.  
If you don't hear from me by e-mail within 12 hours, then your first e-mail did not
go through and you should follow up with another e-mail or better yet by phone.
Questions-- E-mail:

Available by phone 8am-9pm
call 610-570-4196
Do I still have dates open?  
Yes!  I usually have an opening or two each month for last minute bookings. It is never too late!

Is your school flexible with dates?

If your school is flexible with possible visit dates, it is never too late to get on my touring schedule.
If you have only one or two days in mind, try and book early.

Picking a date for your author visit?

Most coordinators will ask me, "What dates do you have open?" and then I will e-mail them back and ask them to send
me a list of dates that they know will work with their school's schedule. This is the quickest and most effective way to
narrow down a date that works for both the school and myself.  
When contacting me by e-mail please include:   

School Name:
Address, City and Zip Code:
School Phone:

Your Name:
Your Title:
Cell Phone:

Also Include Possible Dates:
Visit my program pricing page for
details on program packages.