I have been writing music and lyrics for
more than 30 years and I enjoy sharing
my passion for music with the students.
Music is a great way to grab the student's
attention and break up the information
segments and/or highlight certain topics in
the show.

The K-2 "Music & Storytime show includes
my up tempo versions of classic nursery
rhymes like "Three Blind Mice" and
"Hickory, Dickory, Dock".   
"The music was great and the student interaction was a great success.  The
students were engaged from the very beginning of the presentation..."

West Broad Street Elementary School, Souderton, PA

"Our kindergartners and staff were entertained and captivated by your
interaction, storytelling and singing."

--Judy Gurlacz, School Activities Coordinator, and Teachers at
Robert F. Drummond School, Lake Hopatcong, NJ

"I loved the interactive nature of it, I loved the fact that you sang to and
with the children and I loved the way you incorporated several different
modes of entertainment (story elements, writing, music). They were so
engaged and truly excited!"  

--Elisabeth Babich,Communication Arts Resource Specialist, West Broad
Street Elementary School, Souderton, PA

I enjoyed the music throughout the program.  I think the students took
away so much that will help them in their future career as student writers."

--Elena Bermudez, Media Specialist,
Mennies Elementary School, Vineland, NJ

“I found the presentation very enjoyable. You are extremely talented and
personable. The kids enjoyed the music and songs and
learned a lot about the writing process. I love the "I Love You Song.“

--Teacher, Califon Public Schools, Califon, NJ
Program Testimonials
Song: Join the Adventure and Read!
Highlights: The importance of words
Song: What Do You Dream About!
Highlights: Special moments slid show
Song: I See Things Through You Eyes
Highlights: Dedication to the students and my children
Song: I'm Loving It Here!
Highlights: The importance of doing your best
no matter how good or bad the results are.  
Song: "Moon, Stars and a Smile"
Highlights: Where ideas come from
My music has always been a big hit and can be tailored to fit
almost any age group.  The songs can also be remove from
most programs without affecting the quality of the program.  
"It was so wonderful seeing the response in our students' eyes to your exciting presentation!  You got
down close to our little people and looked into their eyes with music, rhythm, poetry and bold graphics.  
I was awed by your program!"

-- Phil Markley, Teacher, Liberty Bell School, Coopersburg, PA
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