What makes my shows so special are the different
ways that I get the audience to participate.  Readers'
Theater is an interactive reading of my book "Do
Pirates Go To School?" in which select teachers
and/or students and audience participation helps make
this segment so much fun.
Interactive Readers' Theater
"Do Pirates Go To School" by Daryl Cobb

--Blairstown Elementary School Teachers and PTA
(Program hosted by the Blairstown PTA, Contact: Debbie
O'Brien, e-mail: debbie.obrien1@gmail.com)  
How is my program interactive?

Students will participate in:
“It was so enjoyable to watch you interact with the kids and see them respond to you.  I
don't think anyone has ever interacted with the children the way you did ... and they
responded to you in such a positive way.  You bring so much energy and enthusiasm to
your program from beginning to end.”
Program Testimonial:
Join the Adventure
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and Read!
Readers' Theater
Author Visits
Daryl Cobb
Author visits rarely gets this good! Rated Excellent by BOCES of New York!