Why choose my programs?

My programs are very different from
other author visits:  they are an interactive
exploration of the writing process through
music, stories and interactive activities.  I
have a passion for the arts and a desire to
share this passion with my audience.  

I bring to my shows a unique set of skills,
with a background in graphic design, a
degree in theater and music, over 30 years
of experience in writing and performing,
15 published children’s books, and dozens
of published children’s songs.  
"It was an amazing and unique
presentation.  I'd recommend your
program to other schools and I'd
feel as if I were suggesting a 'gift'
that could only give pleasure and
joy.  You deserve a resounding
round of applause!"

--Tom Newhard, 2nd Grade
Liberty Bell School, Coopersburg,
How is my program interactive?
How big can the audience be?

It is based on your needs and budget.

My programs are designed to accommodate
audiences large and small.  A smaller
audience will allow the children to feel like
they are more involved in the show.  But I
also present to hundreds of students at time
with great success.

What does the school need to

The school needs to provide me with
electricity and a white wall or movie screen.
It is also a good idea to have a backup
power point projector available, if possible.  
I do bring all my own audio and video
equipment and will not use the school's
unless problems arise.
Other Program Features:

Wireless Audio

If you look at some of the video clips that    
are placed throughout my website you will
see that my program is performed with the
help of a wireless audio system; this gives
me freedom to move throughout the

Power Point Program

I use Power Point to display all images.  It
allows audiences large and small to get the
best visual experience possible.
These topics are discussed during a
typical educational program. Click a topic
to see how the students will participate:
" A Writer's Journey"
works best with grades 2-8
If you are looking for a great, one of a kind, interactive educational program that will inspire and
educate your students, then you have come to the right place because that is my specialty.  My
programs are designed for a K-8 audience, with all writing programs working best with grades
2-8 and Music and Storytime designed for K-2.  Although the target age range for a lot of my
books may be 0-10, that has no bearing whatsoever on my performances, or on my ability as an
author to be a positive influence and to teach and inspire children of all ages to read and write.
My children's novels "Baseball, Bullies & Angels" and "Pirates: The Ring of Hope"
have received  great reviews, most notably from
Kirkus Reviews and are recommended
for middle school children or advanced younger readers.  
Pirates: The Ring of Hope
Chapter Book
by Daryl K. Cobb
for advanced young readers
or ages 10 & up
Perfect for middle school readers
Age Appropriate Programs For:
Middle School
High School
Getting Published for Adults
Discovering Details for Adults
Summer Rec. Programs for young readers
and writers
Conference Presentations
Graduation Addresses
There is not a single age group that
I don't successfully present to or
more importantly that I don't
honestly enjoy presenting to.
Baseball, Bullies & Angel
Chapter Book
by Daryl K. Cobb
for advanced young readers
or ages 10-15 & up
Perfect for middle school readers
How do I keep my programs interesting for such a wide variety of age groups?

Each age group has different needs so these adjustments are made:

  • to the music content
  • to how many songs are in the program
  • to the writing topics that are covered
  • to the depth in which a topic gets covered
  • to what personal experiences are shared with the audience
  • to the way I talk and interact with each group  

Missing from these two video segments are Creating Conflict and Resolutions,
Interactive Editing, Illustration Story Boarding and "Kayley's Room" (the finale).  
These topics are discussed during a
typical educational program. Click a topic on the
tool bar to see how the students will participate:
Hopewell Elementary School
A Writer's Journey / Kayley's Room
A Writer's Journey / Conflict and Resolution
Join the Adventure
and Read!
Assembly programs for students grades 2nd through 8th
During one of my 60 minute programs I will cover many topics including:

  • The use of small moments
  • Discovering good ideas
  • The importance of words
  • Editing and revisions
  • Creating conflict
  • Correctly bringing the conflict and the solution together
  • Creating detail
Assembly coordinators, as you look at the information on this page, including the posted video
segments, keep in mind that I adjust my shows based on the grade levels that are attending the
program and the time in which I have to present it. New this year for
5th-8th grades is a live
performance from (Chapter 10, Diplomacy) my children's novel Baseball, Bullies & Angels.  
Daryl Cobb
take the students on a
creative journey!
A Writer's Journey
an Author Visit Program
by Daryl Cobb Children's Book Author
Author Visit Program
"A Writer's Journey" is arranged in
3 different ways and then adjusted to fit
the audience.

"A Writer's Journey"
"Do Pirates Go to School?"

"A Writer's Journey"
Upper E
A Performance from
Baseball, Bullies & Angels

"A Writer's Journey"
Middle School
A Performance from
Baseball, Bullies & Angels

This show can be adjusted
to accommodate any
variation of age arrangements.