With my multi-media show, the stories are told with
the help of Power Point -- each page of my stories
are projected onto a movie screen or wall for all the
students to see.  This provides the children with the
best visual experience
Daryl Cobb is inspiring
children to read and write!
This is a 45-50 minute long music and
story presentation that will have the
children singing, clapping and having the
best time ever.  For all family event
programs, I also include my interactive
readers' theater and lots of lively and
animated storytelling.
Storytelling by Daryl Cobb:

  • Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You,     
    Love You, Every Day

  • Daniel Dinosaur

  • Boy on the Hill

  • Bill the Bat Loves Halloween

Reader's Theater
  • Do Pirates Go To School?


  • It's All In The Words

  • Little Bo Peep

  • Loving It Here, Here At School

  • Hickory, Dickory, Doc

  • Twinkle, Twinkle

  • Monkeys

  • Kayley's Room

  • Humpty Dumpty

  • ABC

  • Kitty Cats

  • Tap, Tap, Tapping

  • Little Miss Muffet                         

  • Three Blind Mice
  • Wheels on the Bus     

  • Itsy Bitsy Spider
Song: Join the Adventure and Read!
Highlights: The importance of words
Hopewell Elementary School K-2
Plainfield Elementary School, Nazareth, PA 18064
Carol Rice Librarian, 610-746-4436,  rice.carol@penargylsd.org

"The presentations were absolutely fantastic.  Daryl's creativity, talent, and love of children fill
the room. Students were engaged and very entertained during the whole presentation.  His
presentations go way beyond the typical “author visit presentation”.  It’s so much more!”

-- Carol Rice, Librarian
"No More Monkeys!"
"Do Pirates Go To School"
Readers Theater
"Join the Adventure and Read!
Bill the Bat Loves Halloween
Children's Book Author
Singer, Songwriter, Storyteller
Daryl K.Cobb
Programs for all ages!
Family Nights & Reading Event Programs


Join the Adventure
and Read!
Bringing parents and children back to school after a long day is a challenge and even
more challenging is finding an author who can engage this type of audience.   The
parents are tired and the kids are anxious and restless and no one wants to sit for 50
minutes and just listen to an author babble on-- especially the kids.

So what will keep everyone engaged for more than 15 minutes? ME!

I am an author with a background in theater, music and performance. YES,
music, singing, storytelling, big bold graphics, live performances,
humorous retrospect that parents and kids can relate to. But best of
all, lots and lots of child participation.

Click on the videos below to see how actively involved
                                 my student audiences become!

My family event programs are high energy and visually engaging.  The storytelling
is lively and animated and the audience participation is weaved throughout the
show, from the first sing-a-long song to the "Do Pirates Go To School?" readers'
theater finale.

Not only will the children love the music and stories,  but the parents will be
entertained and delighted as they watch their children become actively involved in
the program.
 (Music and Stories are adjusted to make each show is age appropriate.)
Family Reading Event
Music & Storytime Shows
For Moms, Dads and kids of all ages.