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It all began with a bedtime story.  

Daryl’s writing began in college as a Theatre Arts major at Virginia Commonwealth University.  He
found a freshman writing class inspiring and, combined with his love for music and the guitar, he
discovered a passion for songwriting.  This talent would motivate him for years to come and the
rhythm he created with his music also found its way into the bedtime stories he later created for his
children.  The story “Boy on the Hill,” about a boy who turns the clouds into animals, was his first
bedtime story and was inspired by his son and an infatuation with the shapes of clouds.  Through
the years his son and daughter have inspired so much of his work, including “Daniel Dinosaur” and  
“Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You, Love You, Every Day.”

Music has always been Daryl’s main passion through the years. He is a member of the Nashville's
Song Writer's Association and has been writing music for more than 25 years. Daryl spends a lot of
his time these days visiting schools promoting literacy with his interactive educational assemblies
“Teaching Through Creative Arts.”  These performance programs teach children about the writing
and creative processes and allow Daryl to do what he feels is most important -- inspire children to
read and write.  He also performs at schools, benefits and libraries with his “Music & Storytime”

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"Boy on the Hill"

The first story I ever wrote was a bedtime story for
my son.  It is about a boy who could mold clouds
into shapes we often see in the sky.
Daryl Cobb is an author, musician, singer/songwriter
and actor who promotes literacy through creative
arts. His published works include two children's
novels, the 2013 hit "Baseball, Bullies & Angels" and
the swashbuckling tale "Pirates: The Ring of Hope"
from 2012, as well as 14 fun picture books such as
"Bill the Bat Loves Halloween,” “Do Pirates Go To
School?,” “Henry Hare's Floppy Socks” and “Greta's
Magical Mistake.”

Most of his written work is specifically for children,
some of which was originally created for his own two
children as bedtime stories. Daryl is a member of the
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
Music & Storytime
Interactive Assemblies Grades K-2
"A Writer's Journey"
Interactive Assemblies Grades 2-8
Summer Literacy Programs
Interactive Assemblies Grades K-8
"Interactive Writer's Workshop"
Creating Detail Grades 2-8
Kids need to see that writing and reading can be fun!
About Daryl Cobb
So much more than just your average author visit
A cultural arts writing and reading experience
and Read!
"Students need to see that reading, literacy and lyrics
can be fun; Daryl does that in a big way!  It was not
the traditional author visit with a simple talk and
reading.  Daryl brought the stories and the show to
life!  Absolutely!  The best author day I have seen
and one of the best assemblies I have been a part of!"

-- Sam Hafner, Principal
Liberty Bell School
Coopersburg, P
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