Interactive Writers Workshop:
Adding Detail and Description
In this one of a kind writer’s workshop,
students learn to use their imaginations during
a live 50-minute impromptu writing session.  
They will leave this session with a better
understanding of how to create detail and
description in their writing.  

Pencils and paper are not necessary for this
workshop, but a good imagination is a plus!  
The students will be actively involved
throughout the session and, with my guidance
and the students' ideas, we will create a story
from concept to conclusion.  After we have
gathered details for our characters and setting,
set the plot and created the conflict, the
characters are then put into their positions on
stage and the story is told by me as only I
know how -- live, with energy and
excitement.  The students will be inspired and
captivated by this workshop, as will your staff.

Workshops are offered with full day bookings
only and can be done in large groups (entire
grade level) or in small groups (classroom
setting).  A mix of workshops and assembly
programs can be done during the same full day
"Your program was very well suited for a variety of grade levels and the students loved it.  My favorite part, as
well as the students', was the story creating activity.  Any time the students can directly interact with the author,
they all become fully engaged.  What a wonderful way to have the students’ full attention."

              --Elena Bermudez, Media Specialist, Mennies Elementary School, Vineland, NJ
                 (Program coordinated by Elena Bermudez, e-mail:
Interactive Writers Workshop
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Workshops programs are for students grades 2nd through 8th
Interactive Writer's Workshop
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