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"Baseball, Bullies & Angels"   
(soft cover/63 chapters/274 pages)
Recommended reading for parents, boys and girls,
advanced young readers or ages 10-15 and up.
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Baseball, Bullies & Angels is the story of thirteen-year-
old Stephen Miller, a sensitive, caring, athletic teenager
whose academic struggles have him labeled as the slow
kid.  Stephen tries to be a good student but despite his
best efforts he drifts off in class into daydreams,
replaying his little league baseball games over in his
mind.  Stephen’s troubles in school only get worse
when a group of classmates target Stephen for bullying.

Despite Stephen’s difficulties in the classroom, Stephen
is a phenomenal baseball player, an up and coming
star.  His baseball playing is the one thing that works
for him and keeps him positive.  As his flame grows
brighter, one competitor and classmate doesn’t like
getting over shadowed, so he and his friends, the “bully
gang”, set a plan in motion to try to destroy Stephen’s
dream of playing baseball.  The bully gang tries to chip
away at Stephen’s self-confidence with nasty notes and
name-calling but when that doesn’t get the results they’
re looking for they set up a scheme to get Stephen
kicked off his baseball team.  

As the bully gang’s plan moves forward, the bullying
escalates and Stephen inwardly struggles to make sense
of things in his life.  Yet with all the pressure and pain
he experiences, Stephen still searches for hope and
happiness.  Stephen shares his struggles with his best
friend, Charlie, whose sense of humor always makes
him laugh and who helps him to see the brighter side of
things.  And a kind gesture from Megan, the new girl in
class, sparks a new friendship and his first romantic
interest, which turns out to be a connection between
two kindred spirits.  But even with the positive
moments that help keep Stephen from falling into
despair, the bullies are still hard at work trying to
unravel him.  When the bullying follows Stephen onto
the baseball field, and an unexpected Monday morning
meeting in the principal’s office with his parents seems
to set Stephen up for the knockout punch, the bully
gang is cheering and fist bumping in the school
hallway.  However, an unexpected turn of events
changes everything, and makes the characters as well
as the reader realize that some mistakes can never be
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Children's Book Author
Daryl Cobb
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Baseball, Bullies & Angels
a Children's Novel
by Daryl K. Cobb
Amazon Customer Reviews
Hard Cover

***** 5.0 out of 5 stars                  If You're a Kid or Ever Were One, This Is for You, February 14, 2015
By Stanley Barber -

This review is from: Baseball, Bullies & Angels (Paperback)

This is an important book that needs to be read by kids, their parents and their teachers. It shines a bright light not only on the day to day damage but also on the
devastating long lasting effects of bullying. We witness, through a wonderfully accessible, often humorous, occasionally heartbreaking story of a decent kid being
hounded by certain classmates, the damage bullying does to the young victims, their families, the school, and yes, even the perpetrators.
The victim of the "bully gang's" cruel intentions is seemingly the last person you'd think would be bullied: Stephen, a 13 year old middle-schooler, is tall, strong, a
champion baseball player and as "handsome as Superman." But he also suffers from ADD, and so the classroom has become a daily nightmare of failures from which he
attempts escape by daydreaming his victories on the baseball field. His failure to keep up in class is the very frailty that naturally the bullies zero in on as they plot
diligently to make his day to day life in school a kind of hell.
Enter the angels, a few close friends and his parents, who with kindness and dignity, help balance out the cowardly, unethical and secretive actions of the bullies.
Stanley Barber, Artistic Director of Pax Amicus Theatre and Castle Shakespeare Repertory and former high school and college educator.

***** 5.0 out of 5 stars                    A Must Read, December 1, 2014
By  Patty

This review is from: Baseball, Bullies & Angels (Paperback)

Daryl Cobb has mastered the art of storytelling with a difficult, but much needed topic of bullying. This should be a recommended read for all middle school students and
their families. Thank you Daryl Cobb for writing a book that will touch the heart of all its readers!

***** 5.0 out of 5 stars                      38 Year Educator has seen a lot of bullying., June 18, 2014
By Roger D. Cook

This review is from: Baseball, Bullies & Angels (Paperback)

In my search to do a better job of putting a halt to bullying I ran across Daryl Cobb's Baseball, Bullies and Angels. Since I'm an old coach, teacher, principal and current
school superintendent, and also loved baseball as a child, the title caught my attention. After reading the book many of the analogies, stories, pranks and bullying
described in the book I have seen first hand. Mr. Cobb does a magnificent job of holding your attention using humor, sadness, love and other emotions to describe real
problems that do exist in children's lives today. This book is a must read for not only students but parents. I intend to recommend it to my librarians and our PTO for
reading for all our schools. I recommend the book to you as well it is well written and will hold your attention to the end.

***** 5.0 out of 5 stars                           Love the book, June 18, 2014
By Deborah DeForge

This review is from: Baseball, Bullies & Angels (Paperback)

Bought this for my sons 10 Birthday. He is not one that likes to read, but loves the sport of baseball. The combination of this is a good fit for him. He likes reading this

***** 5.0 out of 5 stars                         A Home Run for The Author, June 11, 2014
By John

This review is from: Baseball, Bullies & Angels (Paperback)

As a current school district superintendent and former principal, I am closely involved with the kind of issues that Daryl Cobb addresses in Baseball, Bullies & Angels.
The story of 13-year old Stephen, a talented baseball player, and the challenges and struggles that he experiences in and out of school, including merciless bullying, will
resonate with adolescent readers. Cobb's story is alternatively funny and sad with enough plot twists and realistic dialogue to appeal to most young readers. Aside from
being an engaging read that teachers can assign for independent reading or teach as a class lesson, Baseball, Bullies & Angels can also be used to explore important
issues such as bullying and peer pressure. Students don't have to be baseball fans to like Cobb's book, but most will find he hit a homerun with Baseball, Bullies, and

***** 5.0 out of 5 stars                       Amazing book, May 4, 2014
By Cindy Moses

This review is from: Baseball, Bullies & Angels (Kindle Edition)

This book is a mixture of feelings. It gives a good lesson. At times it is sad then it turns into funny and calm. Great book.

***** 5.0 out of 5 stars                      9 year old boy loved it!! Mom too, March 1, 2014
By R. Tucci "Awesome mom"

This review is from: Baseball, Bullies & Angels (Paperback)

(the words of a 9 year old )the author came to school and told us about it I was so excited that I came home and made my mom buy it. she read to me every night. (
becuase I find reading a little difficult) we both loved it. we even recommended it to friends. the story was happy, exciting , sad and overall a great book we have learned
a lot about bullying and how important it is to understand about it. this book explains it simply with a great story. Baseball bullies and angels will appeal to boys and girls.

***** 5.0 out of 5 stars                    Excellent choice for kids AND their parents!, December 12, 2013
By Jennifer the Librarian

This review is from: Baseball, Bullies & Angels (Paperback)

My students wait in line to read this book! From the intriguing cover illustration to the unexpected and emotionally strong and satisfying ending, this true-to-life tale calls
out to kids. As the story unfolds, 13 year-old Stephen finds refuge from school in his beloved baseball. As the reader becomes more and more engaged in his
adventurous and often humorous episodes on and off the baseball diamond, it becomes clearer that Stephen, albeit tall and strong and talented, has been the victim of
bullying by classmates. He shares this with only his best friend at first, but gradually trusts a new classmate, Megan, who already knows too much about being victimized
by mean classmates. The resolution is clever and sharp and at times painful, but realistic. Parents will welcome the discussion of a topic that most school aged children
are too well aware of: bullying.
Daryl Cobb is inspiring children to read and write!
I have just finished reading an amazing book, "Baseball,
Bullies & Angels" by Daryl Cobb. This book is something
we believe at
Stand for the Silent should be required
reading for not only children but for parents, anyone that
has ever been bullied, been a bully or is/has been a
bystander to bullying. This story is an accurate account of
the feelings bullying can and does cause our world’s kids
every single day, and I believe the lesson in it will
transform the hearts of even the hardest bullies, causing
them to see the devastation their actions can and do
cause. I firmly believe that this book will touch hearts and
lives and be a part of changing our world for the better
for all of its kids. I'm proud to work with Mr. Cobb to
help bring to light what far too many kids go through
daily. “Baseball, Bullies & Angels” shows the many ugly
faces of bullying as well as the hope and change that one
person can bring to this world by being willing to stand up
against bullying!

--Kirk Smalley,
President of
Stand for the Silent
“This young-adult novel by Cobb … introduces
Stephen, whose skill in baseball helps him cope with
bullies and a learning disability. … Stephen is a
charming, funny narrator, and once he starts
describing baseball games, this tale’s versatility
begins to shine. Cobb’s long stretches of naturally
engaging dialogue also help deliver characters and
twists that positively outstrip stories merely about
athletic glory. … Always sincere, occasionally
shocking, this tale is required reading for kids and
.  -- Kirkus Reviews
Baseball, Bullies & Angels is a recipient of the prestigious Mom’s
Choice Award! This award is to honor excellence in family-friendly
media. Mr. Cobb is a gold award recipient in the category of Young
Adult Books.
Baseball, Bullies & Angels
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-- Kirkus Reviews