Author Visit Pricing
Always assume that I can get your school on my schedule.
Being flexible with your visit dates can make even last minute scheduling possible.
Now Scheduling for this seasons School Author Visits
Booking Your Show:

My schedule fills up quickly -- if you are interested in a visit, it is best to
book as far in advance as you can to be guaranteed a date that works with
your schedule.  
Contact me to see what dates are still available.  

Short Notice Bookings:
I get calls from people every year who want bookings on short notice, and
even though I can't fit everyone on my schedule, I try my best to
accommodate these bookings.  
Contact me to see what dates I have available.
Booking  Now!
September to August
This fee schedule applies to all author visits within the US.

Contact me to see if I will be at a school near you or
if you have special requirements.

(Single Program $790.00  (Single programs: local schools only or if I am scheduled in your area))

Family Nights and Special Event Program:  $890.00 (There is a 60% discount on
any night or event program that is booked in conjunction with a day time author visit at the same
school. In some cases travel and hotel fees may also apply.)

2 Programs, Back to Back / Morning or Early Afternoon:  $890.00

       Program packages can not be split between schools they must be
           for the same school at the same location for the entire day.  

*Full Day (Same school for the entire day.)* includes up to 2 programs: $  990.00
*Full Day
(Same school for the entire day.)* includes up to 3 programs: $1190.00
*Full Day
(Same school for the entire day.)* includes up to 4 programs: $1390.00
Full Day K-Split, (Same school)* Kindergarten Split (2-25 minute short
programs 1/am and 1/pm, and 2 full programs: $1290.00

(All pricing is based with the understanding that I am at one location each day.)

*All Full day visits can also include a book signing, lunch with the author (The
school selects a group of kids to have lunch with the author.) and if time allows I will also visit a limited
number of individual class rooms and answer questions, this all can be included in your visit at no extra
charge.  Programs included in your visit can be a combination of these presentations "A Writer's
Journey", "Music & Storytime" and "A Writer's Workshop".  

Add on programs, Interactive Writer's Workshops only, $300.00 per workshop.  
Add on evening program: $370.00 (no evening shows after a 4 program day)

International School Visits:
•        $1390 a day plus expenses, this includes up to 3 programs

Program running time:           
These are interactive performance programs so performance times may vary based on the age and
participation level of each audience.  It is best to leave 60 minutes open for all shows that include
children grades 2-8.  For grades Pre-k, K and 1st a window of 50 minutes is best.  Please remember to
also 10-15 minutes extra for seating and departure. If you need your programs shortened to
accommodate lunch time or class schedules please make this clear in advance so I have time to arrange
your programs properly.

Other Fees That May Apply:

Hotel Fee: ($95.00 in most areas) may apply to programs requiring an overnight stay.

I travel to schools world wide so travel fees may apply

Travel Fees when traveling by car: Due to the varying distances of school locations a
Travel fee based on mileage from my location to yours will apply to all program packages.
Travel fees
may be reduced or waived
if I am already near your location or if you book or help book multiple days
in your area. Travel fees will be calculated using a mileage rate from Clinton, NJ. Contact me for exact
pricing and/or the possibility of reducing or waiving travel fees.

Travel by Air will be at the lowest possible fare and will be reduced with multiple bookings in
your area.
 Contact me here!
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don't wait, contact me today!

It is never too early to book me for next year and
it is never too late to ask if I can squeeze
you in so contact me today!

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