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Personalized School Book
This book can be dated with the most recent school year, celebrate a milestone (1961-2014)
or an anniversary ( Celebrating 50 Years of Excellence!)
and Read!
This book is a personalized version for
armington E.S. in Virginia.  It has been
personalized with their own school-specific
Personalized School
Picture Book
I like to come up with ways that make my visits
a little more special.  Last year we did Bill the Bat
t-shirts with the school's name on them. This
year I thought it would be fun to take one of my
books and personalize it for the entire school was
the perfect choice.  The students will get to see
their school's name on the cover of this fun story
and how much fun will it be for them to see their
favorite teachers' names in the book?

How is it personalized?

This book will be personalized with information
either taken off your school website or supplied
to me by you.  Your school name will be inserted
into the title (e.g., "Do Pirates Go To Hampton
School" or "Do Pirates Go To Silver Bay
Elementary School").  On the dedication page will
be a dedication made directly to your students,
and the title page will again have your school
name.  The inside pages include places to put the
name of your principal, teachers, street, town,
school mascot, etc., which will replace the
existing text.  Be advised that the story itself will
remain exactly as it appears in the published
version of "Do Pirates Go To School?"  This
book will be professionally printed and will
appear on the book order form, making it
available for your students to purchase the same
as any of my other books.    
Include school name to order
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Personalized School Book
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You can only purchase the personalized book if I have visited your school
or if I am coming to your school and you missed the ordering deadline.
Please make sure that your school offered this book during its book sale.
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