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"Pirates: The Ring of Hope"    (soft cover/30 chapters/274 pages)
This pirate mystery will capture the minds of kids and adults alike.
Pirates: The Ring of Hope, ". . . is delightfully silly.  . . .
a spirited swashbuckling tale of mystery and magic.”
                                                    -- Kirkus Reviews
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A mysterious bottle with a deadly message is at the
center of this pirate story that finds the crew of the
Rising Sea unknowingly in grave danger.  The evil
Captain Darfous Warner has his sights set on The Ring
of Hope and he will stop at nothing until he gets what
he wants.

Twelve year old Peter Nichols steps out of the modern
world and right into the middle of this pirate mystery
that has him struggling with right and wrong, good and
evil and the meaning of friendship and family.  After a
week filled with strange dreams, missing friends and
menacing pirates, Peter’s struggle to do the right thing
comes to a head as he puts not only himself but his
best friend in danger of becoming casualties of Captain
Warner’s deadly plot.

“The Ring of Hope” is mystery adventure story that
weaves the legend about a mystical gold ring into a
story about the good guys versus the bad guys.  It is
amusing, touching and filled with twists and turns to
keep you guessing from beginning to end.  This pirate
mystery will capture the minds of kids and adults alike.
“Cobb’s 14th book comes complete with pirates,
mysterious messages and a magic ring. . . . The
characters are rich and beautifully rendered, and the
story is sprinkled with humor. . . . Much of the
dialogue − especially between Peter and Monk and
Antonio and Marcus − is delightfully silly.  . . . [A]
spirited swashbuckling tale of mystery and magic.”  
-- Kirkus Reviews
Pirates: The Ring of Hope
Children's Novel /Chapter Book
by Daryl K. Cobb
for advanced young readers
or ages 10 & up
Perfect for middle school readers
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Daryl Cobb
is inspiring children
to read and write!
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