Join the Adventure
and Read!
“What an exciting and fun exploration of the writing process
with engaging interactive activities, stories and music...!  
I was awed by your program!”
-- Phil Markley, Teacher, Liberty Bell School, Coopersburg, PA
Educator's Reference List
The list below represent reference letters and/or
contact information for assembly coordinators and
the schools they represent. These coordinators are
all like you, educators and/or actively involved
parents looking for the best possible programs for
their students and children.

These references have in some way played a role in
bringing me to their schools. Some of the program
coordinators have taken the time to send me a letter
of reference, but all listed contacts have given their
permission to be contacted on my behalf if you have
questions or want a verbal reference.

I truly appreciate both their kind words and the
opportunity they all gave me this year to inspire their
young people. It was a lot of fun!!!

I look forward to seeing all of you in 2019-20.
Kimberly DeNaples / Librarian
H. Russell Swift School
Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Daryl Cobb assemblies were more than I expected. Daryl was full of energy which captivated the students’
attentions. The students and teachers truly enjoyed themselves, myself included! His interactive programs were
informative in an amusing way.  I highly recommend him to visit your school.  You won’t be disappointed!


Pam Henderson - Librarian
Central Park School
Pennsville, New Jersey

Daryl Cobb’s presentations were beyond exceptional. With outstanding crowd control and the ability to keep students on the
edge of their seats while taking about the writing process, I am positive that he made a lasting impression on our students, and
teachers. I loved when I looked across the room to the teachers as they were nodding in agreement with what he was saying.
Having someone come into your school that you don’t know can create a bit of anxiety. You can be sure that students,
teachers, and administrators will be thanking you for having Daryl come to your school, and you too will be shouting from the
mountain tops, “If you want an author visit, Daryl Cobb is phenomenal!!!”


Adrienne Larsen - Media Specialist
Great Meadows Reg School District
Central Elementary School
Great Meadows, New Jersey

    Daryl’s assemblies were amazing! The programs were everything I expected and more. His use of song, movement, and
storytelling was engaging from the moment our students entered until the moment they left. Each and every student, and some
staff, participated during the program. Daryl was able to seamlessly make adjustments during the programs to cater to the age
group. Highly recommend Daryl Cobb! Not to forget the school book that is a lasting reminder of a very special day.


Debra Reed
Author Visit Chairperson
Greenville Elementary, Howell, New Jersey

 After witnessing many Author Visit assemblies, at two different schools, Mr. Cobb was a pleasant surprise!  It actually wasn't
what I expected.  Instead it well exceeded my expectations and was one of the best presentations I have seen to date.  His
constant interaction with the kids, through his music and storytelling, kept both the students and faculty engaged the entire
time.  His ability to slightly change his content, based on the age group he was catering to, was spot on.  We had numerous
comments from the staff that he was by far the best Author presentation they had ever seen as well!  We now look forward to
welcoming Mr. Cobb to our sister school (Ramtown Elementary) in 2020.

Patricia Guidi
St. Francis Cathedral School
Metuchen, New Jersey

I sat through all four performances and enjoyed each one and frankly the assemblies exceeded my expectations on so many
levels. Imagine performances that can equally captivate audiences from Kindergarten through 8th grade and you will have the
experience that our students were treated to during Daryl Cobb's phenomenal visit to our school. His shows were fast paced,
entertaining, interactive, and just plain fun. The shows also  carried messages appropriate to various age groups -- be it the
writing process, bullying, or following your dreams with persistence. This was definitely a 5-Star event!


Stephen J. Wisniewski
Stony Brook Elementary School
Rockaway, New Jersey
973-627-2411 ext. 202

Daryl’s knack for storytelling, along with his musical talents, came together to produce exceptional programs for our students!  
Presenters often do not differentiate enough when performing for different age groups. Daryl did a nice job of catering to our K-
2 and 3-5 students.  The information was appropriate for each age group and his message was delivered with passion and
enthusiasm, and his high energy helped keep the audience captivated and engaged.  I highly recommend Daryl Cobb’s
assemblies to any school looking to share and cultivate the joy of writing with their students.


Miranda Atienza
Cultural Arts Coordinator
Chippewa Elementary School
Holtsville, New York

This definitely was not the assembly that I expected, it was so much better. Seeing other author visits, Daryl seriously
surprised me and the staff
for the better. He was engaging, inspiring and seeing the kid's expressions were priceless.   Just
speaking to the kids afterwards and them telling me how much they wanted to pick up Daryl's books to read was so uplifting.  
Getting the kids to want to read was my main objective and Daryl helped make that possible!!!

Some of the strengths of his assemblies was the fact that everything was interactive and everyone participated,
whether it was a song or during "the reader's theater".  Daryl sang and read his books aloud with the help of the audience. But
he didn't just read a book to them;
he actually acted out the books.  He was able to keep the kids focused because they were
part of the assembly (not just watching and listening).  I think that is the reason why the teachers loved it so much as well.

Daryl was engaging and inspiring to all the grade levels.  He was funny when he had to be. He was serious when he needed to
make a point. He referenced how some books came from real life experiences and how the students could actually use their
experiences to start writing themselves. The kids don’t realize it yet but they definitely learned something while having fun.      

I have had teachers of every grade level come to me and say "Thank you for finding such an awesome author".  All my years at
this school, I've never had such a response.


Chris Tigue
St. Nicholas-St. Mary Elementary School
Wilkes-Barre, PA

Daryl uses a combination of music and storytelling to keep the students engaged throughout the entire assembly. His positive
message is on point and he gives valuable insight into the writing process.  Daryl’s interactions with the students, his
willingness to get the children involved-- as well as his use of music and storytelling are his strengths.  He presented three lively
assemblies to our various age groups (PK through 8th grade) and the information presented during each show varied and was
appropriate for each age grouping. Daryl’s communication before the show is terrific and he is very flexible with the school’s

  His assemblies are well worth the investment. If you are looking to host an author at your school, I highly recommend Daryl.


Greenwich Township School District
Greenwich School / Stewartsville Middle / Stewartsville, New Jersey
-- Jacqueline Kowalczuk & Shannon Foschetti
Reading Specialists
Shannon Foschetti / 908-859-2023 /
Jacqueline Kowalczuk /

"Mr. Cobb’s presentations were outstanding!  He has the gift of reaching students in any grade—our preschoolers loved him as
much as our eight graders.  Mr. Cobb engaged students with music and stories while providing valuable lessons about the craft
of writing.  His classroom visits allowed students to ask questions in a small, more personal setting.  We would highly
recommend Mr. Cobb as a guest author and presenter."


Lindsey Byrnes
Author Visit Chairperson
Wood End Elementary
Reading, Ma

Daryl Cobb was professional, prepared and enthusiastic He kept the engagement of our students and teachers from the
beginning right to the end of the assembly. He had a great blend of song, humor and storytelling. I think both the students and
the teachers were drawn to the dramatic telling of the stories. He made the books come alive for them. It was humorous at
times and serious when it needed to be. The presentation was great. Kids were excited to go back to their rooms and write. We
liked how he added in his own learning challenges. It was relatable for so many of our friends.  He made the whole process
from booking him to the assembly set up and book orders, super easy.  


Alice Costello School, Brooklawn, New Jersey
John Kellmayer Ed. D.
856-456-4039 /

"Daryl Cobb presented two assemblies, Grades pre-K to 2 and, Grades 3-8, in Brooklawn, NJ. Daryl teaches and entertains in
exciting, fast paced presentations that had the students engaged from the very beginning. I highly recommend Daryl’s

L.D. Batchelder  School, North Reading, Maryland
-- Kathleen Conway
Reading Specialist
978-664-7814 /

Daryl has a unique way of connecting with students of all ages through his live interactive performances. His music was great
and getting students to participate as a whole group really worked. The students and teachers were captivated by his energy and
enthusiasm. Daryl focused on the writing process as he shared the importance of word choice, special moments, rewriting, and
revising. His presentations engaged and inspired students. I think the kids were able to grasp the writing process a little better.
They are still talking about their special day. We would highly recommend Daryl!


Beers Street School, Hazlet, New Jersey
--Tara Altilio and Jennifer Christ
LA Teacher - Author Visit Coordinator
732-216-1747 /

"The assembly was awesome! It was engaging and entertaining for teachers and students. The music, storytelling, and visuals
were fantastic. Daryl’s enthusiasm for writing radiated throughout the school.  Students came back to class inspired and asked
to write a story on their own. It was a truly fantastic day!"


Chesterfield School, Chesterfield, New Jersey
-- Laura DiMeola
Media Specialist
609-298-6900 x2202 /

"Daryl's assemblies were all that I had expected and more and were by far the most fun and engaging programs we have had
here at Chesterfield School.  I really like the way he was able to grab the student's attention right from the start with the singing
and music as they entered. The editing/revising part of the show had the potential to be slow; however Daryl kept the pace
going by turning it into something fun and funny that the students could relate to. The interactive programs were filled with
stories, music and silliness!   The students are still laughing about some of the things they saw that day, and so am I!"


William S. James Elementary School, Abingdon, Maryland
-- Kathleen Hobbs
Assistant Principal
410-638-3900 /

"The experience that Daryl provided all of our students was beyond my expectations. As a former primary classroom teacher
and Reading Specialist, I would highly recommend an assembly presented by Daryl Cobb.  His presentation was extremely
interactive, fun and motivating.  All of this, while presenting very important information for our young readers and writer’s.  
His enthusiasm was contagious and the students were willing to participate during the presentation.  We loved how he brought
his stories to life (acting out the books) and the singing was very captivating for the primary students.  Mr. Cobb is a talented
performer and he was extremely easy to work with to schedule this wonderful day at our school!  The school book is certainly
a keepsake that will remind us of what a wonderful Author’s Day we had!"

L.D. Batchelder School, North Reading, Maryland
-- Kathleen Conway
Reading Specialist
978-664-7814 /

"Daryl has a unique way of connecting with students of all ages through his live interactive performances.  His music was great
and getting students to participate as a whole group really worked. The students and teachers were captivated by his energy and
enthusiasm.  Daryl focused on the writing process as he shared the importance of word choice, special moments, rewriting,
and revising.   His presentations engaged and inspired students.  I think the kids were able to grasp the writing process a little
better.  They are still talking about their special day. We would highly recommend Daryl!"


Our Lady of Good Counsel School, Moorestown, New Jersey
Kristen McKeaney
856-235-7885 /

"Daryl visited our K-8 school this year. The assemblies were wonderful, better than we expected.  The children and the
teachers were singing along and were totally engaged during the assembly. I sat through the assembly 3 times and I thought
each time was great. The personal stories that Daryl told really captured the students’ attention. He told a story about baseball
["Baseball, Bullies & Angel"] that even our older students listened to intently. What a great day!


South Elementary, Collegeville, Pennsylvania
-- David D’Andrea
610-489-2991 /

"Daryl Cobb brought his energy, enthusiasm, and unique storytelling platform to South Elementary and left an indelible
impression on everyone.  The teachers, staff, and students all enjoyed the programs, which also tied in a positive message of
resiliency to go along with the writing focus. The storytelling was very engaging, and the kids could relate the topics Daryl was
sharing.  In between combined grade level assembly programs, Daryl committed much of his time to visit classrooms and share
his experiences as a writer with small groups of students.  His only focus throughout the day was to share his passion for
writing with as many students as possible – students of all backgrounds and abilities will connect with his personal story."  


Lehigh, Elementary School, Walnut Port, Pennsylvania
-- Glenda Cuchran
Reading IST Teacher
610-767-1191 /

Wow! Mr. Daryl Cobb had each and every one of the students on the edge of their seats. The literacy assembly as informative,
fun, interactive, and most of all entertaining! The students and teachers will not forget such a spellbinding performance. We
were very fortunate to have such an amazing author and performer in our school!


Seventh District Elementary, Parkton, Maryland
-- Patricia Nestor
Reading Specialist / 410-887-1902

“A true artist and storyteller!  Daryl Cobb went above and beyond to engage every student.  From the singing as the children
entered to the engagement as they were leaving. The reading/writing connection tied right into our current curriculum and every
student leaves his performance with the confidence to connect to life’s small moments and write! A truly inspiring performance
where Daryl Cobb’s books come to life through song, storytelling and student engagement!"


WCK Walls Elementary School, Pitman, New Jersey   
-- Christine Giessuebel
Librarian / S-856-589-1316

"Daryl's presentations exceeded my expectations and that rarely happens!  He was so entertaining – singing, talking, and
interacting throughout the whole presentation. Everyone (teachers & students) loved the music; it was totally appropriate for all
the grades (Pre-K – 5th). The only thing I would change is the performance space – I felt like we cramped him in, but he didn’t
complain at all. I would highly recommend Daryl Cobb as a presenter for this age grouping!"


Biglerville Elementary School, Biglerville, Pennsylvania
-- Marian Bouchard
Reading Specialist /

"Daryl brought a high energy, very entertaining program to our K-3 audience and staff -- with an exceptional level of student
engagement and enjoyment. The children were still talking about it the next day. His combination of humor and music engaged
the children, while delivering very important messages to young readers and writers! His books are delightful and also deliver
lovely messages! Daryl made the process of arranging his visit exceptionally manageable."  

Biglerville Elementary School, Biglerville, Pennsylvania
-- Jamie Kerstetter

"Biglerville Elementary School loved the visit by author Daryl Cobb!  His assemblies were great and age appropriate for all of
our students.  The music was wonderful and he was able to focus on important aspects of writing while keeping the students
engaged throughout the assembly-- I liked how Daryl involved the students.  He led an evening program for students and
parents and even took the time to eat lunch with our 2nd and 3rd grade students.  You could definitely feel the excitement for
writing increase following his visit.  I would recommend a visit by Mr. Cobb to every school!"


St. Margaret Regional School, Woodbury Heights, New Jersey
-- Maureen Zweigle
Librarian / 856 845 5200

"I have been coordinating our school’s author visits for 7 years now, and Daryl Cobb’s performance was outstanding!  Our
students were captivated from the minute they entered the gymnasium, with Daryl singing to them as they walked in!   He
continued to inspire the children the whole presentation with his high energy and musical approach to writing and reading.  
Daryl makes a beautiful connection between music and literature, and I am positive that many of our students were influenced
by his knockdown display and his passion for writing!"


Carroll Manor Elementary School, Baldwin, Maryland
Carrie Lipchin
Curriculum Liaison
410-804-7351 /

"Daryl Cobb did an amazing job. The program was very entertaining and definitely had a very creative spin on how an author
writes and creates a story.  I especially appreciated the children’s music as we were waiting for the older kids to arrive. He was
engaging and kept the students under control. Again, he did an amazing job, even with such a large group."


Kemptown Elementary School, Monrovia, Maryland
--Mollie Lindsey
Cultural Arts Coordinator
301-471-4113 /

"Kemptown Elementary was thrilled with Mr. Cobb’s performances.  It is not always easy making the writing process exciting,
but Mr. Cobb certainly did that. He is a very talented singer and guitar player and the children really enjoyed his music. The
music helped keep the students engaged as he taught them the steps of the writing process. Each show was appropriate to the
age group (K-2 and 3-5). We also loved how he got down on their level during the assembly-- performing on the floor with the
students, making the experience so much more engaging. The student and staff really enjoyed Daryl's show and his knowledge
of the writing process."


Greencastle-Antrim School, Greencastle, Pennsylvania
--Peggy Monahan
Reading Specialist
717-597-3226 /

"Daryl Cobb came to visit our elementary school and it was a wonderful day for teachers and students alike.  The three
assemblies were very active with a variety of elements that kept everyone engaged.  The activities within the assemblies were
age appropriate and varied, very humorous, fun music, involving students and teachers…the writing and editing examples
where very effective and the students really got involved in the process. Because he has written 17 books to date, I felt that he
had something to share with all grade levels from K to 5.  He also made the book ordering process easy and painless. One of
my favorite parts of the day was the way Mr. Cobb interacted with third, fourth, and fifth graders during his six classroom
visits. I would definitely recommend a visit from Daryl Cobb!!!  The students and the teachers loved it!!!"  


Copper Hill Elementary School, Ringoes, New Jersey
-- Lana Coutros
PTO Coordinator / 908-751-4866

"We invited Daryl for a family night author’s visit, and we got so much more! Daryl is a dynamic and engaging entertainer. His
innovative style of presenting his stories with music kept everyone— children and adults — interested and involved. It was a
fun night for all!"


Davenport Primary School, Egg Harbor Twp. New Jersey
-- Paula Girard
Librarian  / 609-645-3550  Ext. 1370

"Almost every teacher and staff member commented that this was the best Guest Author Assembly we ever had at Davenport
School!  I agree!  The children were fully engaged for the entire program and loved being able to sing along.  Daryl Cobb is an
extremely talented musician, singer, and song writer as well as a great children’s author.  His level of energy is amazing… even
at the 4th assembly late in the day!  I am ready to recommend him to the other elementary schools in our district and promise
anyone who books him for Read Across America or any other type of assembly will not be disappointed."


West Pottsgrove, E.S., Stowe, Pennsylvania
-- Marianne Harrison
g / 610-323-6510

"I would highly recommend Daryl Cobb’s assembly.  He provides a fun, entertaining, interactive assembly that highlights the
importance of reading and writing.  Our students were so excited to meet a real author especially one who can also sing and
play the guitar.   His personalized book about Pirates coming to our elementary school further enhanced the students’
excitement about reading.  All in all, it was a very positive experience for our students and teachers (who were involved in the
program at one point much to the students’ delight).  It was a perfect start to our Read Across America celebration!"


Sandshore E.S., Budd Lake, New Jersey
--Gretchen Sundstrom-Smith
Author Visit Coordinator

The Staff and the students at Sandshore Elementary School, were delighted to have Daryl Cobb! He was extremely engaging to
the students, and the staff, by singing and speaking to them on their level. The children were amazed at the energy and personal
interaction the author had with everyone. Daryl Cobb is the nicest, and kindest person that I have had the pleasure of bringing
to Sandshore. He was very accommodating, and seemed to meet our every need. I would give Daryl a “two thumbs up!”, and
recommend him highly!


Gardnertown, E.S., Newburgh, New York
--Roberta Ferris
Librarian / 845-568-6418

Daryl Cobb’s author visit is right on the mark!  The entire school (staff and students) were satisfied.  The teachers were
entertained, the students were engaged and reading and writing was celebrated. The students thoroughly enjoyed his
presentation, books and came away with a lot of insights in to the writer’s process.  A very successful day for all.


Robert Fulton School
North Bergan, New Jersey
--Eugenia Ramos
Title 1 - Coordinator  
201-295-2908 /

"Well organized, fun and exciting for the students. Visual materials were positive, music was upbeat and entertaining. Students
were engaged through whole presentation.  I thought it was age appropriate for the (K-3) students that attended.    Excellent


Herman L. Horn Elementary, Vinton, Virginia
-- Susan G. Brown

"Met our expectations and more… Love the ENERGY and variety of songs/stories in the presentations for our PK-2, 3-5 and
family assemblies. So refreshing to see a presenter make the necessary adaptations to their programs… .

Strengths: Was his ENERGY and PASSION for what he was doing! Both are contagious and makes for a fun time for all!
Also, the way he incorporate the processes of illustrating, editing and publishing was very meaningful for our students.

His constant movement around and through the audience, making individual stops to students to sing to them was such an
engaging strategy. It is evident that he is attentive to the needs of the age group and makes adjustments along the way to keep
them engaged.

Again, Love his ENERGY! Our students are still talking about DC!"


Sloatsburg Elementary School, Sloatsburg, New York
Cultural Arts Coordinator, Cherish MacRobgbie

"In all my years as a Cultural Arts Representative Daryl was the best author to visit our school and that is saying a lot since we
have had world renowned authors like Patrica Polacco and David Adler. He kept the students attention with a variety of
presentations that included lots of student participation, music, storytelling and great visuals.  All three assemblies (K-5) were
engaging, energy packed and educational-- meeting the academic needs of all grades.  The students and teachers are still talking
about Daryl's programs weeks later."


Strawtown Elementary School, West Nyack, New York
Cultural Art Coordinator,  Charlene Matteson

"Daryl Cobb held the students’ attention from the moment they filtered into the room. His music and voice greeted them and
you could see the curiosity on their faces. He walked around and worked the room so that each student felt like he was talking
to them directly. With a childlike bounce he would bound around giving background to his story or reading aloud one of his
many books as the lovely illustrations splashed up on the screen in the background. The collective attention of the students was
held and they were listening as the lesson learned or moral of the story was delivered. The best feedback was from numerous
Moms who said their children came home talking about what a great assembly they saw that day! Lots of fun, on their level,
informative and hopefully inspirational to some future writers in the group."


A. M. Kulp Elementary, Hatfield, Pennsylvania
Lauren Benante, / / S- 215-368-3061

Daryl’s shows were engaging and more than what I expected.  He moved all over the floor, through the students as they were
seated, and really got the crowd going. The students were singing along, and actively participating. He had the children's
attention the entire time!   
Daryl knows his audience and was able to adapt his performances to meet the needs of all the groups that attended.  (For
Kindergarten, it was less talk and more singing/moving/storytelling.  First grade there was an even mix.  Second and Third
grades were able to sit longer, so Daryl was able to perform an entire chapter from Baseball, Bullies, and Angels.  It was
fantastic!) The students walked away with huge smiles on their faces and every teacher told me how wonderful his
performance was.
We have not had a K-3 author who performed for us in a while.  It was refreshing!  From the moment our school booked him,
he provided us with a checklist that made preparing for his visit a breeze!  He was well organized and came prepared with all of
his own equipment.  He did not need assistance with set up at all.  It was a pleasure to have him visit our school!!


Gwynedd Square Elementary School, Lansdale, Pennsylvania
Reading Spceialist
Mary Ann Buzzard
215-853-1820 /

"Gwynedd Square enjoyed Daryl Cobb’s visit.  He combined music while teaching students some important points about
writing.  The students were totally engaged in his presentation and learned from it.  The personalized school book created
incredible interest in his visit.  We would recommend him to any elementary school looking for an author to present."

Johnson Park Elementary School, Princeton, New Jersey
Dawn Henderson
609-807-4240 /

The assembly was awesome! Daryl Cobb put on an extremely lively assembly for my K-1 students!  His wonderful singing
voice along with his stories kept all of the children entertained!!


Westview Elementary, Chattanooga, Tennessee
Coordinator, Kathryn Vinyard,, 423-504-6003


Margaret A Connolly School, Glen Cove, New York
Coordinator, Donna Christ / 516-690-0016 /


Merrit Memorial School, Cresskill, New Jersey  / 201-569-8381
Coordinator, Mary Klein / 917-224-6400 /


Shamona Creek E.S.,  Downingtown, Pennsylvania
Coordinator, Rachel Byerly

"Our author day with Daryl Cobb was top notch!  

I thought it was great!  All the kids (and teachers) loved it! It was fun and entertaining but also educational and meaningful to
the students. He entertained the students while also teaching them about the process of writing children’s books.  A storyteller
and musician all rolled into one makes a great assembly.  Daryl was great to work with and he was always quick to return
e-mails and flexible when needed.  I will certainly recommend him to the other schools in our district.


Plainfield Elementary School, Nazareth, Pennsylvania
Carol Rice Librarian, 610-746-4436,

"The presentations were absolutely fantastic.  Daryl's creativity, talent, and love of children fill the room. Students were
engaged and very entertained during the whole presentation.  His presentations go way beyond the typical “author visit
presentation”.  It’s so much more!”

-- Carol Rice, Librarian

"One of the best assemblies we’ve had in many years.  Don’t miss him!"
-- Phil Giaquinto, Principal


M. Scott Carpenter E.S., Old Bridge, New Jersey  
Coordinator and Teacher:  Elizabeth Soporowski  /

"He provided 3 assemblies in order to reach the varying age levels of children.  His performance was one in a million.  Every
child got involved, excited, and didn’t want to leave the show.  He is amazing.  I would not hesitate to ask him to return to our
school.  I am still getting positive remarks from staff and students alike.  Also, the whole process to organizing this event can
be frustrating and time consuming.  Daryl made every element that goes into making this day a fantastic experience easy with
his organization and quick responses to all e-mails.  Everything went as smooth as can be.  
Daryl is so kind with the students and staff and developed a quick rapport with the students who had the opportunity to have
lunch with him.  We have had many authors, but Daryl surely tops the list with his kid-friendly attitude and demeanor.  

Your only regret will be if you do not have him as a guest at your school.  He inspires everyone."

--Elizabeth Soporowski


Charles Street School, Palmyra, New Jersey
Coordinator,  Lauren Quinn, 856-829-3601 ext. 2123
Coordinator, Lisa Muir-Jablonski,


Lincoln Elementary School, Rockaway, New Jersey / S- (973) 625-8602
Coordinator, Jamie Argenziano /

Lincoln Elementary School, Rockaway, New Jersey
Coordinator, Phyllis Alpaugh, Principal  / 973-625-8602 /

"The programs were fabulous and the feedback from all parties was very positive.

We received so much positive feedback from both our students and parents regarding this assembly.  We were especially
pleased not only with the programs presented, but also with how easy it was to arrange and plan the day as Mr. Cobb was
quick to respond, very attentive to our district needs and personable on all accounts."

Phyllis Alpaugh
Read Across America Team, Rockaway Borough Schools


Lincroft E.S., Lincroft, New Jersey   S-732741-5838
Coordinator, Jerylann Percello 732-887-6456/
Darcy Wilgus /

Daryl Cobb visited Lincroft Elementary School during our week long Read Across America celebration and he was a big hit!  
He was very professional to work with and extremely entertaining and engaging for the kids. He had the students attention the
whole time with fun songs, stories of how some of his books were created and lots of audience participation.  The children
were laughing and smiling the whole time!

He actually exceeded our expectations!  

Darcy Wilgus


Salt Brook ES, 40 Maple Street, New Providence, New Jersey   
Coordinator, Diana Farrell 908-464-8765 /

Daryl Cobb visited with our Kindergarten- second graders to kick off our Read Across America week. Daryl’s presentation was
engaging and highly interactive, using visuals and song to drive home his main idea with the students. He varied the program
nicely for the different ages incorporating more of his writer's journey with the older kids. Not only did the kids enjoy the
program but the teacher's feedback survey was very positive.  Daryl got an average 9 out of 10 on likelihood to recommend.  

D. Farrell, Salt Brook Elementary PTA


New Albany School, 2701 New Albany Rd. Cinnaminson, New Jersey
Coordinator, Linda Conn  856-303-2374  /


Discovery School, 2 School Road, McGuire AFB, New Jersey
Coordinator,  Mia Byles / 609-738-2653 Ext. 2769 /

Everyone enjoyed having [him] here.  It was great!  Please feel free to call us for a reference.

Thank you,
Mia Byles


Memorial School, 201 Squaw Brook Road, North Haledon, New Jersey  
Coordinator, Stephanie Macalle / (973) 427-8993 /

Daryl’s program was absolutely amazing and the student’s and teachers loved every minute of it.  Daryl obviously loves what
he does and it shows. He was very energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day. His Music and Storytime program was
amazing and our students K-2 were completely engaged the entire time. Our 3rd  & 4th graders enjoyed Daryl’s Writer Journey
program and they especially loved his afternoon visits to the classrooms.

Stephanie Macalle-North Haledon, NJ


Fox Mill Elementary School, Herndon, Virginia
Coordinator, Danijela Nardelli / 703-655-9085/

The assemblies were just wonderful!  And having Daryl Cobb at our school was such a thrilling experience.  The level of
engagement and participation was amazing.  He got the kids very excited about the writing process.  The little wheels in the
kids’ heads were definitely turning!



Lindenwold School 4, Lindenwold, New Jersey
Coordinator, Librarian Denise Lafferty / 856-783-0405 x4006 /


Harrison Township E.S., 120 N. Main Street, Mullica Hill, New Jersey
Coordinator  Librarian, Mary Ellen Malloy / 856-478-2016 X125 /

"It wasn’t what I expected, but it was a great program!...  

Daryl Cobb’s performances were energetic and kept students captivated.  The music had everyone singing along!  It was very
entertaining and it made the students and even a few of the staff come away motivated.  Even the youngest students in our
school were attentive throughout the assembly.  And they are still talking about it…. I’d categorize our upper level assembly as
more of a creative arts program with music and insights on the creative writing processes rather than an author visit.   And I
think it’s a compliment to be called creative arts instead of just an author visit.  The teachers were happy with the editing
portion and have been using it in class.  The examples he uses will be easy for the kids to remember."

Mary Ellen


Woodrow Wilson School, Garfield, New Jersey
Coordinator,  Reading Specialist, Pat Parezo, / 908-721-6577

“It’s All in the Words” and it certainly was! Daryl Cobb's presentation to our students was outstanding and our students
are still singing the lyrics. Each grade level was thoroughly engaged and his message was clear~ Look around you and
get your ideas for writing from everyday life.
He taught our children the importance of literacy through his lively performances. Our students have been commenting,
“It was so much fun!”

Pat Parezo

Lakeview School, 44 Cooper Road, Denville, New Jersey
Coordinator  Cindy Trainor / 973-361-5049 /

"Daryl Cobb’s visit to our school was wonderful.  He made the planning process so simple and easy and the visit was
even better than we expected.  The kids and staff were extremely impressed and entertained throughout Daryl’s
performance. The information was age appropriate and
we all loved the bully baseball part of the performance, it
really got the message across in a way the kids have never seen before.  Music was great and kept the kids entertained
and involved.  Not only did the students have fun, but they came away learning something about the writing and
illustrating process as well.  Wonderful assemblies!!"

Cindy Trainor

1)   Tokeneke Elementary School, Darien Connecticut  / School  203-655-9666
Mrs. Steib  PTA Enrichment Chair, Darien, CT.

I think that what [Daryl] teaches in his presentation is most important, i.e., inspiration from life experience, writing what
you know about, the editorial process, the connection with music, rhyme and poetry, the artistic process of illustration,

Mr. Cobb was able to connect with the children and really teach them something about how to become a writer.  He is a
father, a baseball player, a musician and a writer.  I think he showed the kids that anyone -- every single child -- has the
ability to be a writer and/or illustrator.  I think his presentation was inspirational for all ages.

What is very different about Mr. Cobb is that he brings music into the presentation, this makes it very engaging.  He also
tells stories about his life, family, etc.  He tells the kids how he came up with ideas for books.  He read a few aloud in a
very funny way.  He was really funny.  He made all the kids laugh and smile.

Rachel Steib

Kathy Schultz, Assistant Principal /
Tokeneke Elementary School, Darien Connecticut

Tokeneke School loved seeing Daryl Cobb.  His music, his stories, his ability to entertain the audience was amazing.  
The assemblies were great!! His writing topics matched our curriculum and our students were highly engaged! Our ELP
students really loved the music!!! They were rocking and rolling. His ability to capture the attention of students from age
3-10 is amazing!!  I highly encourage everyone to invite this entertaining performer to their schools!!!

Kathy Schultz


2)        Phillipston Memorial School, Phillipston, Massachusetts
Coordinator, Linda Qualters /

We had Daryl at our school in late August, a week after starting the school year, hoping to inspire our children in the
writing process.  He was fantastic. He had a PowerPoint presentation and explained to the children where he got his
ideas from, how he got into writing and spoke to the children in a manner that they understood.

Our school holds approximately 160 children, PreK to Fourth grade, and he interacted with all of the children.  He even
had lunch with our third and fourth graders, moving from table to table to talk to them and read one of his stories to our
preschool children.

The children are still talking about his visit, and the teachers are able to discuss different aspects of the writing process
reminding them about Daryl's visit and what it is like to be an author.

Everyone who listened to him was impressed.  I would highly recommend him as an author worth visiting your school.

Linda Qualters

3)        Thomas Fitzwater E.S., Willow Grove, Pennsylvania
Coordinator,  Jenn Marshall

I thought Daryl Cobb was great.  One of the other elementary schools in our district used him the year before with great
reviews so our school and another school in the district scheduled him for this year.

He was very easy to work with. He responded very quickly to my e-mails and questions and made the book ordering
process very easy (especially since this was the first time for me).  I accompanied him all day and thought he did a really
nice job.  He was very interesting.

We scheduled him for a full day with 2 sessions and classroom visits.  He was very flexible and accommodating to the
needs of our school.

He had 2 sessions.  One for 3-5 grade and one for K-2.  In each session he talked about the process for writing his
books incorporating a slide show and music.  All of the students were very engaged.  He plays the guitar and
incorporates songs that kept the students interest.  Each session was geared toward that age group.

We then had him visit each grade for 1/2 hour question and answer session.  The students were able to ask questions
that Daryl would answer.  We also had him pass out the books to the students who pre-ordered his published books.

I received great feedback from the principal, teachers, and students.  The students continue to talk about him and list him
as a favorite author.  He left quite an impression.

Everyone also loved the personalized book for our school too.

I would highly recommend him.

Kind regards,
Jenn Marshall


4)        Fort Washington ES, Ft. Washington, Pennsylvania
Coordinator,  Traci Clapham,

Daryl has done assemblies for three of the four elementary schools in our District. He gives entertaining presentations that
reaches the kids at their level.  For example, he talked to the 4th & 5th graders about how to come up with ideas for
writing and how to edit. He showed them his stories and illustrations before and after.  He spends the whole day at the
school.  He did breakout sessions in the afternoon with a couple classes at a time and the kids were able to ask him
questions.  My 5th grader got a lot out of it. His book (made for your school) makes a nice keepsake and was very
popular with our families.



5)        Camp Creek Elementary School, Lilburn, Georgia
Coordinator,  Amy Ney /

We can recommend without any reservations the author Daryl Cobb!! Mr. Cobb was an absolute joy to work
with from booking, to pre-program orders, to the program itself then even post program!! He was laid back,
and didn't require fussy pre-program accommodations or rules (just some bottled water and time to set up).

We allowed our teachers and students to pre-order his reasonably priced books and he arrives with them all signed and
organized, ready for distribution! I cannot tell you enough how much out faculty and students adored the "special" book
he made just for our school.  

At the program, Mr. Cobb was engaging and really gave a lot of terrific information to our emerging writings
and was also just as entertaining and engaging to our younger set.  We have special needs pre-k through
advanced placement 5th graders (students taking middle school classes in 5th grade) and I think everyone
truly had a wonderful visit.

My teacher feedback was terrific! His catchy songs and storytelling are a joy. And he never complained on
bit about having to "roll with the punches" when I shortened a program time or cut them short because of a
schedule change.  Or even when we had to change our book orders after his visit.  

The other thing we were so impressed with is that he had a Lunch with some of our 5th grade students. It was his idea
and he offered to eat cafeteria food and sit with this smaller group of kids for a Q & A.  

Our visit with Mr. Cobb far exceeded my expectations.

Amy S Ney
Fundraising Chairperson, Camp Creek Elementary PTA
Lilburn, GA


6)        Whiting Elementary School, Whiting, New Jersey
Coordinator,  Dana Himpele /

(See Sarita Dodd Below she was assembly coordinator for all three schools)


7)        Manchester Township Elementary School, Manchester, New Jersey
Sarita Dodd, President
Manchester PTA /

Our PTA just had Daryl Cobb this past October for our Visiting Author Program.  He was wonderful! He was engaging,
interactive and energetic.  He incorporated the Common Core standards to writing in his presentation.  He used
vocabulary that the children were familiar with in their classrooms like writing about small moments, adding detail and
more.  He showed them that all books start as words and he emphasized the importance of using personal experience
and problem solving to bring realism to your work.  The children loved him!  The teachers loved him and our PTA were
the heroes for bringing such a wonderful author to their children.  

The teachers loved that he used the same vocabulary.  The teachers really loved it when he told the students that the
teachers were helping them to be the best writers they could be when they sent them back to revise their work.  After his
presentations, we gave him lunch with the teachers and Principal and they discovered how personable he is too!  Finally,
his price was very reasonable and he can accommodate large numbers.  He was an amazing hit!  

Mr. Cobb is primarily the author of picture books but that is not relevant because he adjusts beautifully to the higher level
elementary kids and he has some chapter books that he has authored.  In the end he told the kids that the approach is
the same and that no author writes a picture book.  They write stories!


Terry Marcinzk, Secretary / PTA Newsletter  
Manchester Township Elementary School, Manchester, New Jersey

The Manchester PTA sponsored Author Visit, Daryl Cobb, October 22nd - 24th to all three elementary schools.

During his program, Mr. Cobb took 4th and 5th grade students through the writing process.  He used humor and a
dramatic flair to underline the editing and re-writing process.  He helped the children see that no work is ever perfect the
first time and to appreciate the editing of their teachers for they are helping to make their work better.  He showed the
way that the story and the artwork in the story changes from the rough draft to the finished product.  He also engaged the
students by asking questions and having volunteers act out how to resolve the conflict in a story, stressing that your story
conflict resolution should be a workable solution. He said, “It has to make sense and it has to really work.”  These are
words the students could use in life not just in writing.

The students seemed to really enjoy the program.  As one student said it was "Excellent, he explained how to get your
ideas, take a small moment from your life to write about."  One of our teachers said "Students were having so much fun
they probably didn't realize they were learning at the same time!"

Terry Marcinzk, PTA Newsletter  
MTES Secretary


8)        Ridgeway Elementary School, Manchester, New Jersey 08759

(See above Sarita Dodd PTA President)

9)        Pauline Petway Elementary School, Vineland, NJ 08361
Deb Eisinger,


10)        Bond Mill Elementary School, Laurel, Maryland 20707
Coordinator,  Mary Jean Sokolowsky,

We had a good experience with Daryl Cobb. We have not had any other authors come to the school, just performers.
So I don't have anything to compare him too. But he had a good variety of ways of interacting with the kids, singing,
talking, asking questions, visual power point. He does a program for younger kids and a different one for older kids. We
also had him have lunch with 2 classes.

I wouldn't hesitate to have him come back sometime.

Mary Jean Sokolowsky


11)        Beverly Farms Elementary School, Potomac, Maryland
Sandra Yesnowitz,

I thought Daryl Cobb was very good with the kids.  He taught the kids about the writing process while entertaining
them.  I thought he was very inspiring.  He also personalized a Pirate book for our school that he had written.  Several
students bought a copy of this book.  I would highly recommend him.  I know the students and teachers were very
happy with him.

Sandra Yesnowitz


12)        Yellow Springs Elementary School, Frederick, Maryland
Coordinator & Media Specialist / Heather Hyatt,

My school enjoyed having Daryl come to our school.  I felt like he was very accommodating for how much he charged.  
We particularly liked the personalized book that he created for the school.  He also did a writing talk with my third
graders.  He ate lunch with a group of fifth graders and performed 2 shows.

Heather Hyatt


13)        Hanover Elementary School, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Coordinator Jennifer LoConte /

The assemblies were great! I think the singing and reading together are good for the students to see and the topics he
covered were on their level. He really got the kids involved and kept their attention at all times.

Mr. Cobb did an incredible job! The students were definitely engaged and excited about writing. We were lucky enough
to have lunch with Mr. Cobb and he answered questions that the students had for him. Amazing assembly presentations!

Jennifer LoConte

Taryn Gilboy /
Hanover Elementary School, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
2nd Grade Teacher

I did not expect it to be such a performance! It was a wonderful, live, performing arts show! I loved Daryl's
performance! The children were so engaged. It was an excellent way to bring writing to life.

He asked the students good questions to activate their prior knowledge about writing and the topics he covered were
right in line with what we are teaching.

Daryl Cobb is an entertainer/performer with the true spirit of a child! He encapsulates the energy and enthusiasm kids
have for life. This energy he projects onto the kids inspiring them to enjoy his stories and therefor reading! He is a joy to
hear and see!

You will truly be inspired and entertained!

Taryn Gilboy


14)        Freehold Boro Schools, 280 Park Avenue, Freehold, New Jersey
Natasha Perski, 732-614-0453,

I am my district's Summer School Supervisor.  I book all of the authors/shows for the program. Like anyone who has
had to book cultural arts programs I have found some horrible shows through the years.  But I have to say hands down
Daryl Cobb is the best!  He literally saved me because two years ago I had 4 shows booked, he was my last one and  
knocked it out of the park!  Daryl is great with the students.  He is energetic.  Daryl is positive and inspiring!   He has a
great presentation and involves music throughout the whole show.  He was so good I had him perform again for us last
year.  I definitely plan on having him again this year too.



15)        Bowne-Munro Elementary School, 120 Main Street, East Brunswick, New Jersey
Karen A. Kennedy, school (732) 613-6810

The kids and staff really enjoyed the day with Daryl.  My son said that it was the best assembly we have ever had and
the teachers agree.  It was a great experience!  I would highly recommend Daryl for your school.

Karen Kennedy


16)        Chester Elementary School, 2 Herbert Dr. Chester, New York
Megan Malone, 845-610-3145,

I booked Daryl Cobb for an Author visit in October 2013 for our local Elementary school.  Daryl presented two shows,
one for grades K-2 and one for grades 3-5.  I thought Daryl was great and the students really enjoyed his presentations.  
Daryl does use a lot of songs (he sings and plays the guitar) with the younger grades however this kept the students
attention and the students loved the music.  His songs were about the writing process and his concepts were simple
enough that the students could understand and follow his presentation.

For the assembly for the older grades, Daryl focused on the writing process in more detail and he really got the message
across to keep trying and to not give up.  He was very engaging with the students and the students really seemed to pay
attention and thoroughly enjoyed his show.

I was very pleased with the presentation that Daryl put on.  He is very enthusiastic and you can tell that he loves his job.  
I was a little bit surprised by how much he sang in the younger grades but that actually worked out for the best as the
younger students were really engaged.  

Teachers mentioned to me that he was probably one of the better authors that they had come in for an author visit.



17)        Tuscarora Elementary, 2000 Tavern Road, Martinsburg, West Virginia
Carrie Ross & Marianne Shimkanon 304-676-4372

Daryl was very easy to work with and had tons of energy!  He will change his program to your schools wants or needs.
He did an evening program for students and parents.  He showed a PowerPoint that showed his dreams as a child and
how important it is to dream.  He sings and plays a guitar throughout the programs.  Also, he has a pirate book he can
personalize for your school.  To get the children excited we did pirate activities and on the day if his visit we had a pirate
day (Students dressed like pirates). I know this is choppy, I've just written as I've remembered things.

Carrie Ross


18)        Conerly Road School, 35 Conerly Road, Somerset, New Jersey
Debra Zavatsky, w-732-560-4442 / c 732-642-9517

We were very pleased with Daryl Cobb's Performance.  The teachers, students and Principal raved about it for weeks.  
Daryl made my job easy.  He was a pleasure to work with as well.  Our PTO board decided to get the Library package,
which included a copy of each of Daryl's books.  The books arrived a few weeks before the program.  I was very
pleased with the quality of the books, they were beautifully illustrated and my kids enjoyed the stories. Now the whole
student body can enjoy them for years to come in the School Library.  I highly recommend the set.

On the day of performance, Daryl arrived with a complete set up, so it was stress free on my part.  I was very impressed
that Daryl was able to hold the students attention for the entire program.  The students enjoyed his singing, storytelling,
jokes and high energy.  They learned along the way too.   Our student body consists of Pre k to 4th grade.  The content
of the program was very enriching for this age group.

I would highly recommend Daryl and we look forward to having him come back in the future.  

Debra Zavatsky
Conerly Road School, V.P. Daytime Events


19)        Van Buren Elementary, 14 Ford Street, Baldwinsville, New York
Rebecca McClain,  315-405-5483

Last year was my first year hiring an author, so I don't have much to compare to.  I can tell you that the kids really
enjoyed Mr. Cobb.  He taught about how a good story is written (with a dilemma that needs to be solved), how the
artist had to keep trying until she found the right look for the character, and how writing is a process where you try, try
again.  He is entertaining and interactive with the kids.  He did 3 assemblies for us with one being just with the
kindergarteners.  He also ate lunch with classroom ambassadors (1 student from each classroom) and the kids brought
questions from their classroom to lunch.

All in all, I felt he had a good message.  He was positive, energetic, and engaging.  The teachers shared with me that they
really enjoyed the assemblies and felt that he did a great job.  Our librarian couldn't stop gushing over him and even spent
some time discussing the children and the writing process with him over her lesson planning time.  

Rebecca McClain


20)        (2-Days)    Long Beach Island Grade School, 201 West 20th Street, Ship Bottom New Jersey
Ann Kahl PTA, 609-494-7106
Grades PreK-6th

The assembly was what I expected and more especially having the live singing and guitar playing.  I felt the guitar music
and singing grabbed the students’ attention immediately and once they were hooked they started learning and wanted to
learn more.  His ability to engage 3-5 year olds and also have a challenging program to appeal to the older kids like the
4th, 5th and 6th grade students was a big plus.  The teachers felt that the information presented was definitely in line with
the curriculum and the way it was presented was both entertaining and captivating.  We all felt that the students were
happy, excited and engaged throughout the entire program.  It was not the typical author assembly…it was so much
more! The educational aspects are right on target; fantastic interactive programs that were well-suited for grades
preschool –grade 6.

Ann Kahl


21)        ( 2Days ) James A. Dever ES, 585 North Corona Avenue, Valleystream, New York
Nadine Elhathat, 347-707-0008

Daryl Cobb is an entertaining visiting author that definitely knows how to captivate and entertain all of the different age
groups. He quickly drew them in with his music and stories and held their attention throughout. He made the children
laugh and even circulated in and around the audience as he played the guitar, sang, talked and told stories.  Daryl spoke
about his life as an author and he even managed to hold the students' attention while talking about writing, he was able to
draw the students into each conversation by making them active participants in whatever he was sharing with them. The
educational content of his programs, the talent and energy of the presenter, his books and music and most notably the
interactive nature of the programs are certainly all strengths found in Mr. Cobb’s assemblies. In addition he was just easy
to work with and made many great suggestions along the way that made my job easier."

Nadine Elhathat


22)        Lame Deer PS, 101 Boundary Street, Lame Deer, Montana
Marilyn Mader / /

"As elementary librarian, I brought Daryl Cobb in for "I Love to Read Month" as our featured author. His books were
loved by the students and he does a great job presenting to students. His presentation held the students attention and was
well received by both staff and students. The demand for information on pirates and books on pirates went way up after
this unit of study. I recommend Daryl Cobb for any even with children as a guest speaker and featured author."

Marilyn Mader


23)        Central Elementary School, 371 Cranbury Road, East Brunswick, New Jersey
Syndi Smoller,  732.718.9204 /


24)        Pine Grove E.S. 2701 Summit Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland
Ruth Good  /

His assemblies met all of our expectations and then some!  I loved that he made it personal even when performing in
front of such a large group.  He did a great job of differentiating the performances for our primary and intermediate
students and I especially liked that he played music as the students were coming into the room.  They were immediately
engaged and motivated before Daryl even began.  This was also one of the first times that our special needs students did
not have to leave in the middle of the show; that is an accomplishment.  The information he shared about the writing
process was presented in a way that was meaningful and fun.  I especially liked how Daryl encouraged our students to
“think like writers” during the performance.  The assemblies were engaging, good paced, informative and sincere and the
stories and songs he chose to share with them were perfect. It was wonderful visit!"

Ruth Good


25)        Lafayette School, 100 Laauwe Avenue, Wayne New Jersey
Geannina Aksoy / c-201-982-2068 h-973-389-0037

Amazing presentations! It was our pleasure to meet him and get to know more about his wonderful work. I personally
enjoyed the presentation and I know the teachers and kids did as well. I was very pleased with how the whole day went.



26)        Hampton Borough School, 32-41 South Street, Hampton, New Jersey
Brynda Flynn, Librarian, (908) 537-4101

Hampton School has hosted Daryl Cobb on several occasions -- his books and music are very well received.   Daryl is
an alumni of our school and is a very talented performer...... He "performs" his books and has a fabulous voice and stage
presence.  No matter what age group you are hiring for--Daryl will be able to reach each and every student.  He is personable
and his performance actively engages the audience in a positive manner.



27)        Wilson Borough ES, 301 S. 21st Street, Easton, Pennsylvania
Anita Cosslett
28)        Avona Elementary School, 2317 Front Street, Easton, PA 18042
Anita Cosslett , (484)373-6220
Kindergarten-4th Grades

I would be happy to weigh in on Daryl Cobb.  He was a great author visit!  In fact, so good, I'm having a hard time
picking someone for this year's author visit! I don't want to have someone come who disappoints after Daryl's visit. He is
so animated, so excited about what he does.  Both students and teachers were very involved in his presentations.  He
does a lot of singing and playing his guitar and makes sure everyone is involved - including the kids in the back of the
audience, because he walks around the whole time.  He talks about where his ideas come from and how he develops
them into stories and books.  He was a singer/song writer before he became involved in writing children's books, so his
presentations are as much performance as they are presentation.  Every once in a while during the 50-60 minute
assemblies (he did 3 at each school for which I plan the author visit) I thought he was a little "over-the-top", but everyone
else I talked to loved it, so I guess I was just being nervous about the success of my pick!  He also did lunch with a
group of students who had won a contest and was very animated and personable with them in a more intimate setting.
I hope this helps.  It also is nice that he will customize his "Do Pirates Go to School" book for your school, and the kids
really loved that.

I would highly recommend him for a visit.

Anita Cosslett


29)        Wilson Area Intermediate School, 2400 Firmstone, Easton, Pennsylvania
Linda Rush , (484)542-9816 or
Grades 5th & 6th

Several schools in our district hosted Daryl last year and we ALL agree that he is first-rate!  He definitely has his act
together and appeals to a variety of ages.  We booked him for our 5th and 6th grade, and hesitated to book him for our
7th and 8th grade thinking that his presentation might be too elementary for them, but we were sorry we did not book
him for all four of our intermediate school grade levels!

Daryl has lots of appeal because he can really captivate the audience and what makes him different from most authors
we have had is that he uses music.  He’s a decent guitar player and singer - - but it’s really his whole package of
storytelling, slides, and music that works so well.

Very casual guy, great to work with as far as planning, very flexible with the day’s schedule, and really in tune with his
audience.  I’m not sure what grade level you work with, but Daryl was definitely a huge hit with our 5/6 grades, and I
was told he was fantastic with K-4 also.  As I said, I really regret not booking him for our grade 7/8 students as well.

We had a special sign made that said “Guest Author Parking” at our closest parking space to the school’s main door...
he made such a big deal of that, and was so appreciative of everything throughout the day.

I’ve been booking guest authors for about 13 years, and he is definitely in the top few.  So YES, I totally recommend

Linda Rush


30)        Peter Muschal ES  323 Ward Avenue  Bordentown, New Jersey     
Robin Blue  609-298-2600 ext. 412(609) 298-2600 ext. 4112
PreK-3rd Grade

Daryl Cobb performed two assemblies at our school last year. He was very engaging.  He ate lunch with a group of
students.  He also took the names of all of our faculty and made a book with their names mentioned throughout.  A lot of
the students purchased this book.  I know our students and staff loved the assemblies.    

Robin Blue

Robin Blue
Assistant Principal
Peter Muschal School


31)        Penn Wood ES, 1470 Johnny's Way, West Chester, Pennsylvania
Mary Ellen Cook, 484-266-1908-library

Mr. Cobb was a fabulous presenter at Penn Wood Elementary School. The assemblies were fun and extremely
interactive, our students and teachers were engaged and entertained during the entire assembly. His music, and stories
made for a great day.

I would definitely recommend Daryl for your school.

--Mary Ellen Cook, Librarian


32)        Dundee ES, 55 Water St. Dundee, New York
Pam Rapoza  585-237-6754 / 607-243-5535 ex7514 /

We had a VERY positive experience with Daryl.  We have never had an author come, so our expectations were not that
high though!  He was VERY easy to work with and very flexible.  He was willing to do whatever we asked.  He did a
school-wide show that included some music that he wrote and his story.  He showed the kids many of his rough drafts
and talked about where his ideas come from and the process of publishing.  His message was to persist and never give
up.  WE asked him to make this the main message.  He will do whatever you ask of him.  The kids really got a sense of
how hard writing is, even for people that do it for a living, and that it is never over!  It was a great show that included

We did a writing contest and the winners won lunch with Daryl.  He had lunch with 3 sets of students at different grade
levels and was very engaging with them.  He also spoke to classroom groups to answer questions that they had about
him and his process.  He also did a book signing and was more than happy to do a recorded interview for our school

Daryl has a book called "Do Pirates go to school" which he adapted for us to include our school name and inserted all
the teacher's names into the book.  This specialty book was for sale.  We also had dress like a pirate day the day he
came and it really was a cool way to bring it all together.  Our staff and students LOVED him!  

Pam Rapoza


33)        Millstone Primary School, 18 Schoolhouse Lane, Millstone Township, New Jersey
Stephanie Dunk /  732-786-0950 ext. 80210/

Daryl is captivating. His singing and theatrics alone are worth the visit.  I'm not sure what ages you are looking for, ours is
a primary school, but the kids were so into his songs and role plays. Daryl draws them in!

We had three presentations with video clips, photo slide shows, singing and laughing. Then Daryl visited classrooms and
took questions. He was so real to the kids and connected with them instantly.

We also had lunch with a few lucky 2nd grade students where Daryl explained his story of becoming an author,
challenges, ideas, anything the kids asked.  

I've never had an author visit that was as personal or real. Daryl really loves his job and it shows in every part of his visit-
from the set up to the final book sale.

You won't be sorry you booked him!

Also - the personalized book he gives the school is fabulous! Kids & teachers love it.



34)        John Hydock ES, 19 Locust Avenue, Columbus, New Jersey  609.298.0308
Melanie Golowski, Cell 609-433-3077

We had Daryl Cobb visit our Kindergarten to 2nd grade school. He had a lot of energy and was very engaging. He
played the guitar and sang as well as talking about his books. He personalized a book for our school incorporating all the
staff's names. All the reviews from the teachers and principal were very positive. We will definitely invite him back.



35)        Riley Elementary School, 100 Morris Avenue, South Plainfield, New Jersey
Lisa White cell 908-917-6129

I will tell you this, our Language Arts teacher said he was the best Author we have ever brought in! We had him at the
school all day.  Broke down assemblies by K-2 and then 3-4 Grades.  He was age appropriate in what he talked about
as an Author in terms of process and taking an idea from thought to paper and then publishing.. He is a tremendous story
teller as well.  He had a small lunch setting with a group of students that we had who won a writing contest.  He also met
with the 4th grade in a question and answer setting and really opened their imaginations and expanded there thought
process toward writing. Overall it was a very positive experience! I would recommend him highly.  All the children left
inspired to write!

Lisa White
Riley School, PTSO Secretary


36)        #4 School Annex, 30 Madonna Place, Garfield, New Jersey
Linda Porpora,  School (973)253-2714

Daryl’s rich background in writing, acting, singing, and songwriting combine to make for lively, engaging, fun, and
interactive presentations!  Throughout each performance, he kept the attention of all of the students in our kindergarten
and grade one school.  Daryl’s genuine love of children shines through in the way he relates to them, so they
enthusiastically respond to him.  Some of our youngsters were so inspired by Daryl that they have been writing and
illustrating their own books at home in their spare time ever since his visit!    

The Personalized School Book is a unique feature that no other author offers, and it was a big hit at our school!

Linda Porpora


37)        Gainesboro E.S     4651 North Frederick Pike, Winchester, Virginia
Linda Wiseman / s-540-888-4550 / h-540869-0395

Gainesboro E.S     4651 North Frederick Pike, Winchester, VA 22603
Dottie Bruns, Reading Specialist,

I didn’t know what to expect.  In past, I have enjoyed author’s visits at my schools.  However, I have never been so
engaged in an entertaining and informative way. He through in appropriate humor to appeal to adults, and at the same
time taught, motivated, and entertained children of all ages!

He made writing so REAL for teachers and students, alike.  He demonstrated his interactions with his daughter by
pleasantly/insistently getting “in the faces” of the students, so that we all felt like we were Kayley.  By the time he shared
his “love” story, (Daddy Did I Ever Say? I Love You, Love You, Every Day) we were all, his daughter and we loved
him too!

Children and adults, alike were all engaged as he discussed his educational dreams and how they changed, and were
interrupted by the thought of being a “father.”   He used students as back-up singers which made for a fun time…   but
even better he got the entire audience involved as well.
By moving around in our slightly overcrowded room, he made us all feel like we were in the front row; it was an amazing
experience for me and for our students.


38)        Apple Pie Ridge, 349 Apple Pie Ridge Rd, Winchester, Virginia
Marcie Jurkowski, 724-689-6008 / School 540-662-4781

The assembly went above my expectations.  Daryl’s assembly kept the students highly entertained.  The children really
enjoyed the music and the energy that he brought to the assembly.

Daryl did a great job of entertaining a wide range of ages.  I attended the assembly with Kindergarten, grade 2, and
grade 3.  I can say that I was amazed at how he was able to keep the attention of all grades.  I also received excellent
feedback from teachers that attended the other assemblies (Grades 1, Kindergarten, 4, and 5).
The music definitely kept the students motivated to participate.  I also loved how Daryl discussed the process of getting a
book published.  The point that even authors must edit and revise over and over was great for children of these ages to

The energy that Daryl brings through music and discussion really kept the children engaged.
Daryl’s energy and enthusiasm for what he does shines in his assemblies. I also want to say that he is extremely organized
and independent and needs no help coming in and getting straight to work.  This is a relief to busy teachers when
planning his visit.  By far, the smoothest author visit I ever organized!!


39)        Nellie F. Bennett E. S., 2000 Riviera Parkway, Point Pleasant, New Jersey
Heather Walker  S/732-701-1900 5204/5215 / C/732-606-7466   


40)        MacAfee Road School, 53 MacAfee Road, Somerset New Jersey
Kathy Memoli S/ 732-249-9097 H/908-725-3746

Daryl Cobb visited my school with an incredibly fun, interactive presentation on being an author and the writing process.
Students and teachers alike were enthralled as he brought the topic alive with music, songs, and humor. During lunches
with students, he took time to listen and answer questions. Six weeks later, the kids are still talking about him! He's a
great guy with a great program! I highly recommend him!

Kathy Memoli


41)        Cape May County Special Services School District, C May Court House, New Jersey
Amy Hufana, Media Specialist,

Daryl Cobb is a lot of fun; he plays guitar and sings, which is a main reason I chose him.  He is great with the kids, very
entertaining.  I have to say that he was very well liked at my school by both students and staff.  He offers a lot of options
for different programs, and he emphasizes creativity and writing. He also has a very good visual presentation.  

Amy Huffana


42)        Central Early Childhood Center, 1447 Delsea Drive, Deptford, New Jersey
Jessica Millberg   School 856-384-8750


43)        Mill Lake ES, 115 Monmouth Road, Monroe Township, New Jersey
Brant Lutska 724-469-0410


44)        Sickles School, 25 Willow Street, Fair Haven, New Jersey
June Sustick  /  732-741-6151  /
Grades PreK-3


45)        Wind Gap MS, 1620 Teels Road, Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania
Grades 4-8

The assemblies were better than we could have expected!  Our school is unique in the fact that we house 4th-8th
graders, and we are always concerned in meeting the needs of such a large population.  Daryl’s assemblies engaged all
of our students, and he did a great job gearing his performances to draw in our different audiences.

Daryl sang songs that the students loved and he focused on the writing process for our more mature audience.  We loved
his message on the revising and editing processes, as this is something we all stress to our students!

Patricia Colelli


46)        Jarrettown E.S., 1520 Limekiln Pike, Dresher, Pennsylvania
Jennifer Ruiter /S-215-643-8951 /

Daryl Cobb’s three assemblies at our school were all we hoped for and more!  We loved how he played music as the
children entered the gym – he got their attention right away and kept it for the entire program. The writing information he
spoke about was right on target and the on-screen process of creating the book was very engaging. The kids really
enjoyed seeing the preliminary artwork come to fruition.

I especially appreciated that between assemblies he offered to visit classes and talk about his writing and music. This was
a valuable gift for our students, and he listened to their own stories and encouraged them to continue writing.
Booking an author can be an intimidating and sometimes frustrating process, but Daryl was exceptionally easy to work
with and very communicative when we needed help with the process. I would recommend him!

Jennifer Ruiter


47)        Glenwood E.S. 122 South Pennell Road, Media, Pennsylvania
MaryAnne Troy C-609-978-1838

Mr. Cobb’s assembly programs were fantastic.  Interweaving musical performance with interesting information about
writing and the book-publishing process, his high-energy show entertained and enlightened all.  Students and staff have
said it was one of the best assemblies we ever had!

MaryAnne Troy


48)        Aronimink ES,   4611 Bond Ave, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania
Amy Bounds  610-761-2923 School 610-853-4510

Daryl is very professional.  He arrived early and was able to set up for 2 assemblies.  The kids at all grade levels were
very engaged and enjoyed the entire assembly.  I asked my daughter her opinion who was in 4th grade at the time, she
liked his original music and guitar playing, she liked how he explained the steps to publish a professional looking
children's book.  Lastly, she enjoyed the small group who interacted with Daryl over lunch.  The small group was greatly
appreciated by the kids who enjoy writing (selected by teachers).

The customized school book with the pirate theme was a great keepsake and even though the story was below my
daughters reading level she did appreciated the book.

Yes, it's a very nice program and will inspire the kids to be great writers and thinkers.

Amy Bound


49)        F. E. Bellows E.S. 200 Carroll Avenue,  Mamaroneck, New York
Bill McKeon S/914-777-4685 C/845-242-7739
Grades 3-5

The assemblies were an experience our students will not soon forget. Daryl was able to tailor each show to the
appropriate grade level in our case 3-5. Some 5th graders are harder to come around, but Daryl did a great job of
connecting with all grade levels. He engaged students in a way other authors can’t. His mixing of song and storytelling
was exceptional and explanation of the importance of rewriting till perfect. From start to end he had control and I thought
it was a perfect mix of song and talk.


50)        Caln Elementary School, 3609 E. Lincoln Highway, Thorndale Pennsylvania
Crystal Nardone, 610-383-3760
Grades K-5  

It was a WONDERFUL DAY!!!!!  The teachers and kids all LOVED his performances, the 5th grade teachers even
told me how their students really enjoyed it (they are a tough crowd too);)  It was an amazing day we had!!!

Crystal Nardone


51)        ( 2 Days ) Heritage South & North ES, 35600 Bentley Drive, Avon, Ohio
Melanie Whiting, 440-937-3067,

Daryl Cobb does an awesome job speaking as a guest author!  As part of our Right to Read Week activities, he spoke
to our 3-6 grade students.  Daryl really drew the students in with the use of his voice, songs, and stories, and from a
teachers point of view, it was great how he hit on the importance of the various steps of the writing process.  

Again Daryl was great – very interactive with the kids and great feedback from kids and teachers.  Really liked how he
incorporated music and his writing techniques – really showed the kids how he took ideas from his own life to turn them
into his stories and books.  Also really liked how he showed the kids that he took his own passions and created his own
career so he could pursue them.  We really enjoyed having him!

Highly recommended!

Melanie Whiting


52)        Mt. Horeb Primary Center, 207 Academy Street, Mount Horeb, Wisconsin
Patti Fish, 608-437-2400

I thought Daryl did a great job interacting with the kids and holding their attention.  He had a really nice message to share
and the singing he did was a nice addition to his book writing.

I would recommend him

Patty Fish


53)        Allen W. Roberts School, 80 Jones Drive, New Providence, New Jersey
Christine Pitarres,  

Daryl's presentations were wonderful!  I have gotten a ton a positive feedback from parents, teachers, students and the
vice principal!!  

I would definitely recommend Daryl for your school.

Christine Pitarres


54)       Jefferson Elementary School 200 Hickory Avenue, Bergenfield New Jersey
Craig M. Vogt / Principal /

Daryl did a nice job for us last year.  His program mixes in music (he sings) and he tells the story about his books, what
inspired him, and he speaks about how he became a writer and how the children can improve their writing.

The students and staff enjoyed the programs.

Craig M. Vogt
Principal - Jefferson School


55)        Shoemaker Elementary, 4068 North Fairview Street, Macungie Pennsylvania
Megan Mang C/610-704-2917

Daryl was very upbeat and energetic. His performance is inspiring for young writers. His own life story he shares is
interesting and many students were intrigued. He is a very talented singer/musician. He uses many stories of his own
children to explain how he gets his inspiration! Many of them were funny! He does get the audience involved!  Hope that
helps. If you have any specific questions that I didn't answer please email me!

Megan Mang


56)        Templeton Center School  17 South Rd. Templeton, Massachusetts
Mrs. Sandra / Kulvete
Grades K-1

The assemblies were everything I expected and more. The music and information given was not only age appropriate but
also followed the guidelines of Reader’s and Writer’s workshop, which our students practice. The program was non-
stop activity, interaction, educational and fun.  There were no weaknesses in Daryl's programs, K-1 students sat for an
hour and never asked for the nurse, bathroom or a drink, they were engaged.    

Daryl pleased the students and staff with his programs that were age appropriate, musical, educational, and just fun.  One
of his works, “Do Pirates Go to School” was the stepping stone to Pirate’s Day at the Templeton Center School.
Everywhere you looked it was clear that yes Mr. Cobb, “Templeton Center School has Pirates!” His delightful
interaction with students along with his knowledge of Reader’s and Writer’s workshop made for a wonderful day at our

Sandy Kulvete Adm. Asst. Templeton Center School.

e-mail to Daryl from Karen Herk
Templeton Center School
Assistant Principal/ Special Education Teacher /

I was going to email you the other day (we had field trip so this is the first chance I've gotten) to let you know what a
wonderful program you gave on Friday! The time that you took to come in early, meet the kids, sign books, have lunch
with everyone and just get to know us went above and beyond and we all appreciate it. The students were so excited
and engaged in your every move-it was really great to see them so enthusiastic!

As for the program itself, it was amazing! One of the best we have had and I know the kids will remember it for years to
come. They were so attentive in your every word and the music kept them entertained. Friday afternoon, as I walk down
the hallway and pop into classrooms, it was great to hear from students as well as staff how they thoroughly enjoyed the s
how and that it exceeded their expectations.

I hope that we will be able to come back and see us in the future!!  Thank you!

Karen Herk


Daryl is more than an author – he’s quite the entertainer when he does school visits – lol.

He brings his guitar and does his original (and some well-known ones) songs with the kids – a couple of songs were
interactive, so he had a couple of our teachers who sing really well join him and follow his lead.  I think he sent me the
songs ahead of time, so I had a chance to familiarize the kids with them.

He makes the kids laugh and is high energy.   His presentation is geared towards how the story is developed and how a
book is made and the whole writing process.

His stories are mainly geared towards the younger crowd but I think he is starting to write some chapter books for the
older ones and the kids were interested in them.

He also personalizes his pirate book to your school and includes in it all the teachers’ names – everyone got a big kick
out of that!

I highly recommend Daryl. Sometimes you have these real popular authors but they can’t present and then you have
someone like Daryl, not too well-known but a great presenter.

Luiza Herbst


Dorothy C. Goodwin ES, 321 Hunting Lodge Road, Storrs, Connecticut  
Coordinator,  Janet.Pagoni  /

Daryl Cobb visited our PreK-4 school 2 years ago and was well received by students and staff.  I teach first grade and
have organized many author visits to our school and district over the last 15 years.  Some of the authors who have visited
over the years include Patricia Polacco, Jerry Pallotta, and Suzy Kline.  Mr. Cobb may not have published as many
books as the authors I mentioned, but his presentation was as good or better.  He plays the guitar and sings for and with
the kids - they really enjoyed that.  He also has a book format that he will personalize for your school where he will
incorporate staff names, the name of your school etc. and have copies published for you to order if you wish.  The book
was cute, and parents who ordered it liked that it was a memento of their child's time at our school. He personally
autographs his books for those who order them and handles all the ordering paperwork.  I think you would find him very
entertaining and he would inspire your students in a positive manner.  His fee at the time was not as expensive as some
authors and he was fair about his traveling expenses.  

Janet Pagon


Sunnybrae ES, 166 Elton Ave, Yardville, New Jersey
Coordinator, Rose Ann Kesting,

Daryl came to our school and did a very nice job and the students and teachers were very pleased.

I watched several demo videos on you tube of other assemblies he has done to get a better idea of his style and overall
presentation.  I liked that Daryl incorporates music—he brings his guitar and sound system.  He was very engaging with
the kids and they enjoyed learning about writing through song.  

We had three assemblies—one for k-2, then 3-4 and then a separate one for the 5th graders that was a little more in
depth regarding the writing process. He stayed basically all day.   He did a nice job appealing to all age/grade levels.

He also brought a power point that accompanied his books and songs. He writes a lot of his stories/songs based on his
own personal experiences and his children.

He also offered a personalized book just for our school which the students and staff loved.

Rose Ann Kesting


Halethorpe E.S. 4300 Maple Avenue Baltimore, Maryland     
Coordinator:  Melissa Ronnenburg /

We had Daryl at our school about 2 years ago.  I wasn't familiar with his books before he came to the school, but they
are cute.  Daryl brings a guitar and sings as well as reads his stories.  Daryl is funny and animated.  He really kept the
attention of all of our students.  We had him do 2 performances (primary and intermediate).  I like to give the kids an
opportunity to purchase the author's books.  He customized a book about our school and included all of the staff
member's names in it.  The kids really liked that.

Melissa Ronnenburg
Library Media Specialist
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