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Count with Daniel Dinosaur          (soft cover 36 pages)
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Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home    (hardcover 36 pages)
"Bill the Bat Finds His Way Home"is a rhyming
children’s picture book about a lost bat and his
search for home. The animals in "Bill the Bat"  
view the world from a human perspective and
demonstrate problem solving skills. This book is
beautifully illustrated by Italian artist Manuela
Pentangelo and is told in a rhythmic cadence that
makes the story as much fun for mom and dad
as it is for the children. Bill is a bat like no other
-- a whimsical, Disney-type character dressed
with aerial goggles and radar. The story is
cleverly written by Daryl K. Cobb and is the first
in a series of Bill the bat stories.

    Appropriate for children 0 to 8.
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