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Bill the Bat Loves Halloween
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Bill the Bat Loves Halloween         (hardcover 36 pages)
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-- Kirkus Reviews calls Bill the Bat Loves Halloween
"[a] fast- moving, fun rhyming picture book"! "Bill
is a curious bat who loves Halloween and watching
trick-or-treaters. The little ghouls and goblins run
away when he swoops in for a closer look, but Bill is
undaunted. He keeps following them until he takes
a broom to the head. . .. Veteran children's author
Cobb . . . follows up Bill the Bat Finds his Way
Home (2007) with a seasonal story about the flying
mammal. His rhythms and rhymes . . . read
naturally and . . . Pentangelo's colorful illustrations
fill the page with movement and detail. Glowing
golds and yellows against a deep-blue night sky
evoke the Halloween nights of our childhoods. Bill
himself is a curiously goggle-eyed guy with a toothy
grin and big ears that give him personality."  
                                      -- Kirkus Reviews
"A fast- moving, fun rhyming picture book"!   
                                      -- Kirkus Reviews
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