Get the best author visit you've ever had!
What you should do ahead of time
whether you bring in my program or another author's.

Booking an author visit is a big decision and I want to make sure that if you book my assembly programs that your
students get the most out the day.  I have created programs to go along with my author visit that will not only get the
kids excited about reading but will also help to reaffirm your school's writing curriculum. For some of your students it is
going to be the first time they get to meet a real live author and even if it's not, this is a connection that can make a
difference in a child's educational development. My goal is to get them excited, to inspire them and to see that they walk
away from the day with a new or renewed appreciation for reading and writing.  I've visited hundreds of schools with
my assembly programs and have experienced the energy and excitement that is created by this type of event. I have had
lots of wonderful days doing author visits but the best school visits always have one thing in common and the common
denominator is always preparation.

•  Create excitement for the author visit day:  This simply comes down to how much preparation the
librarian, teachers, home associations, and principal are willing to put into the author visit prior to my arrival.

Tell the students that you have a visiting author coming. It sounds obvious, but every year I
walk into a few schools and find that the students don't know who I am or why I am there. I am always surprised when
this happens. I am not expecting anyone to break out the marching band for me, but you should make the students
aware of the upcoming author appearance starting four or five weeks in advance. Put the visiting authors books on
display in the school library. Put a display of book covers up in the hallway and for me use my website as part of your
preparation.  On my website you will find video clips from past author visit, book readings and audio clips from my
music CDs.  My publisher even offers every school discounted preparation book sets that include all 15 of my books
so, if you don't have my work in your school, look for the book set on my website under Daryl's Books.

Other suggestions for a great author visit:

•  Have classes read my books and have the kids write down questions they might want to ask the author.
•  Have a contest and the winners get to have lunch with the author.
•  Have an art class make posters, banners welcoming the author.
•  I love when the kids write reviews of my books or write me letters.
•  Let the local newspapers know you're hosting an author.
and take pictures of the day, lots of pictures.
Videotaping the event may be allowed, but ask the author if it is okay.

•  Create an author visit theme at your school for the day. Kids love pirates and I have several pirate books
including my pirate novel for advanced younger readers or ages 10 and up ("Pirates: The Ring of Hope) as well as
several picture books including "Do Pirates Go To School?" which I can personalize with your school's name on the
cover and include all your staff on the inside, so have a pirate day or choose a different topic, the kids will enjoy
whatever you come up with.

Create a BUZZ and get the kids excited about the author's visit! Kids learn from example and if they see the
staff getting excited about the author visit then the chances are they will too.  And when the kids are excited, any
message the author gives them will be that much more powerful.

There are a few other things you should do for the author in advance of the visit.

•  Directions: Make sure I know how to get to your school!
•  Author's Itinerary for the day:  The author and the school should always know what the day is going to
entail. What time will each assembly program or workshop start, what grades will attend each program, where will the
programs be held, how many assemblies are contracted for, how long will each one be and does the school have any
timing conflicts and that usually means looking closely at your lunch schedules.  I do both large and small group
assemblies but some authors might want to know how many kids will be in each show. Understand what you have
contracted the author to do and don't schedule more programs than are contracted for.  

•  Grade Range:  I present successfully to students at every age level but that is not the case with most authors.
Some authors will give the same presentation to each grade level and you will find that it will either sail over the heads of
the younger ones or will bore the older audiences.  What you're looking for is an author that can connect with the kids
at each level.  So for me it is important to know beforehand which grades are attending each assembly so I can make
the proper adjustment to each assembly program.

•  Presentation Equipment:  I come with all of my own equipment because there is music involved, so for me
a movie screen or a white wall is all that I require but find out exactly what the author will need in terms of equipment-a
slide projector, screen, chalkboard, extension cord, microphone, etc.  As a singer and speaker I know my throat gets
dry so having bottled water on hand is appreciated. Get everything ready in advance so nobody has to scramble around
looking for things as the kids are filing into the room.

•  Author Visit Confirmation:   Make sure I have a school phone number, a secondary contact phone
number in case of an emergency, the date of the visit, all equipment needed and the balance of the program fee and it's
availability the day of the performance.


•        Lunch. I like to do lunch with the kids (pick a group of students, have a contest and the winners get to have
lunch with the author) but whether you choose this option or not, it's nice to give the author lunch and I am not picky the
cafeteria lunch is fine.  Lunch with the students is always fun and a special time for this group of kids so set us up in a
room with some pizza or sandwiches and we'll have a great time. If you prefer the author make his own lunch plans, let
him know in advance and don't leave them in the dark. It should be part of your itinerary.  

•        Multiple Presentations:  If the author will be giving multiple presentations and in my case that is nearly
100% of the time, try to do them at one location. It's very difficult an author to move equipment from room to room
quickly and get it all set back up before the next program.  Please keep it in one location!

 Disciplining Students:  I would love to say that this never has to happen but it does, it's normal and it is
part of doing programs for kids.  It shouldn't be the author's job to discipline disruptive students and it can be lessened
by seating kids appropriately. If a student is disruptive, have someone step in and take care of the situation. Have the
teachers present during the program.  The teachers know their students and know where problems might come from so
have them place those students near them or another teacher.

Author's Final Payment:  No author wants to have to track down their fee or hear "Whoops We
Forgot! But we'll put it in the mail."  Pay the author on or before the day of the visit. Don't make the author have to
track somebody down at the end of the day and ask for a check. Check your contract to see when your payment due,
some author's will include late fees or a penalty if payment is not ready as contracted.

•  Autographs:  I love signing autographs for kids but I have learned over the years that once I start, it can take on
a life of its own and what starts as a simple request will turn into bedlam. Kids will start scrambling for paper and then
every child in the area will be crowded around with notebooks, caps, shirts, shoes and even bared flesh all waiting to be
signed.  Discuss this with the author in advance. I think every kid who wants an autograph should get one, whether they
buy a book or not but this is hard to do in a school with hundreds of students so timing is important. It can be done if
the author signs a few autographs and someone runs a bunch off on a copier. Autographs NEVER work when you have
one group of kids leaving the room while the next transitions in. I know that I usually need time to catch my breath and
get the next program ready to go and most authors will also need this time. Try not to put your author in a position
where he has to disappoint the students by telling them no. Make your teachers aware that it can't be done at this time
and have them do it.


•        I love to hear from the students so feel free to have them write me and let me know how they like the day.  If they
are reading my books have them write some reviews and send it to me. This is a great writing project.

A note to all Assembly Coordinators

I do my best to make each and every author visit an experience that everyone will remember, keeping this in mind if the
experience was good please fill out the evaluation form that I send out.  A rule of thumb for any author program, if the
author visit was good, e-mail him or her a short note saying so. It can be used to get future bookings. I hate to say this
but there are not a lot of great author programs on the market but if you get one tell other principals, librarians, and
teachers about it because that is how we get more work.  I work hard in and out of your schools to make each program
worthy of your teacher's and student's time so I deeply appreciate it when I have another school books because they
heard how good it was from you.


I will honestly respect your decision no matter which way you decide to go but if the point of bringing in my program or
any other author is to promote literacy then you will understand that I am always a bit baffled when a school opts out of
books sales which would actually be the act of promoting literacy.  Book sales for most authors are not highly profitable
and doing a book sale in conjunction with a school program comes with a great deal of work by the author. I prepare
an order form just for your school and when the books come in I personalize and tag each book before I come to your
school to make it easy for your coordinator to hand them out. I also don't want book sales taking up any of my time
while I am at your school.  This process on my end can take as long as one hour per 25 to 30 books so I may spend 2
to 4 hours signing and tagging books for your kids.  I assure you it is not a profitable way to spend my time but I do it
anyway because that is part of promoting literacy.   

That said, most schools include book sales with the author visit but be sure to make it clear when you are arranging the
school visit because if you don't want them the author should be aware of this in advance.  Some author's fee structure
may also change based on your decision or they may not want to do the program so be clear.  For me I want you to do
the book sales but the program is my top priority.

There are several reasons that book sales are frowned upon and though I understand them I
honestly don't think that they are reasons not to do them.  The first is that they are considered a hassle but let's examine
what really has to be done and again understand we are doing this to promote literacy.  I e-mail you a copy of the order
form, you copy it and distribute it to the teachers who in turn send it home in back pack mail, you send a reminder note
home the week before they are due back letting parents know that they are due back, you then have the teachers
collect the order forms as they come in and then give them to the coordinator by the return date.  The coordinator can
either send me the forms with checks attached made payable to the publisher or they can write one check for the total
cost of the books from the school or home association and send that check a long with the forms back to me so I can
sign the books.  The book will arrive with me the day of our visit tagged and will take no more than a few minutes to
hand out.

Reason number two is that the Home Association doesn't want to do it because it will get in the way of their
Scholastic Book sale.  The author visit sale can be easily worked around this conflict so it doesn't affect the outcome of
either one. I do it each and every year with great success.

Reason number three is that our school is Title One and poor and our parents can't afford to buy books
anyway.  I really don't think that the school should make that decision for the parents; they should be allowed to make it
individually.  I have sold many books to poor families because those parents just like wealthier parents felt that getting
their children to read was worth a few dollars.

The reason every school should do the author book sale!

If you sell just one book from your author visit sale that means you have one child who will be reading and maybe he or
she is one of the kids that you've been trying to motivate to read all year or for years.  
Now what if they want a book, they have the money for it (Rich or Poor) and you tell them no.  What kind of message
are we now sending?  Yes, they could buy it on Amazon or go to a book store but the fact is they won't, they won't
because they want it on this day because this day means something to them.  It's the day they meet the author and he or
she signed a book to them, just for them.  This could be the moment that gets to that struggling student because
inspiration can spark a desire; I know this to be true because I once was that struggling student and I found this type of
inspiration. I discovered at an early age that in one defining moment lives can be changed.

I feel in love with the arts on a class trip to New York City;
as I sat watching my first stage play ( "Grease" ) the path my life would take
had changed by the final curtain call.  That play got me excited about something
like I had never experienced before and that was my moment.  I was fourteen
at the time and at 50 I get the same feeling I did that day every time I
go on stage and perform for the students. Each time I go into a school
I am hoping that my talents will give students that same kind of moment.

Again, I want you to do the book sale because I believe that it sends the right message to the kids but the programs are
always my top priority but keep your eye on the big picture.

For me, visiting schools has been the most successful and rewarding thing I've done in my life.  With each visit I get to
personally experience your young people on their level; I get to see the excitement in their faces and I get the
opportunity to influence young lives in a positive way.
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Authors Who do school visits in New Jersey include Daryl Cobb
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Daryl is a children’s author (17 children's books)
/singer/songwriter/storyteller and premier educational
who does school visits in the United States
and Abroad. His use of performance arts (in his school
/ author visit programs) to teach and entertain has
educators and assembly coordinators everywhere
consistently calling his school visits and children's
educational programs
“the best of the best” (Linda
Kolb, Supervisor of Instruction, Toms River, New Jersey
“unique and exciting” and “off the charts good”
(Judy Rothenberger RS, Oak Ridge E. Pennsylvania)
Daryl’s takes his audience on a journey through
the creative and writing processes by cleverly
blending educational information (small moments,
developing ideas, editing, revising, illustrating, the
importance of words, conflict, detailing, etc.) with
live performance, music, reader’s theatre, readings
and interactive activities. His performances are
compelling, his energy and excitement for his
craft is contagious. (
I don't think anyone has ever
interacted with the children the way you did... and they
responded to you in such a positive way.
” - Debbie O’Brien,
Blairstown, New Jersey, PTA
  •    Programs that meet core curriculum standards
  •    Education staff approval ratings of excellent!
  •    Student participation level ratings of excellent!
  •    Daryl's books are Kirkus Reviews recommended
  •    Books for K-8 readers
  •    Daryl's books can be found at Follett School Solutions
  •    Captivating programs for Pre-K through 8th grades
  • The use of small moments
  • Discovering good ideas
  • The importance of words
  • Editing and revisions
  • Creating conflict
  • Correctly bringing the conflict and the solution together
  • Creating detail
"Daddy Did I Ever Say?
I Love You, Love You, Every Day
--Kirkus Reviews calls "Mr. Moon",
"[a] pleasing children's narrative with a relevant
message. ... Cobb's text ... has a simple charm
likely to please young readers [and]... Jaeger's
illustrations give the night a soft, beautiful glow,
complementing Cobb's text ... . Her personifications
of Mr. Moon and Mr. Sun are utterly delightful.
Cobb will likely delight and instruct children with
this charming tale."
Daryl's author visit programs are seen by elementary and middle school children across the United States and abroad.
Daryl Cobb is a children’s book author who does school visits.
Daryl's touring area includes this state-by-state list. Local areas
are highlighted with an asterisk.
A Children's Novel
Recommended reading for parents, boys and girls,
advanced young readers or ages 10-15 and up.
Always sincere, occasionally shocking, this tale is required
reading for kids and parents
.   -- Kirkus Reviews

Bowne-Munro School
East Brunswick, New Jersey

Tuscarora Elementary School
Martinsburg, West Virginia

Hedgesville Elementary School
Hedgesville, West Virginia                  

Freehold Boro School   
Freehold, New Jersey                     

Halethorpe School  
Baltimore, Maryland                              

F.W. Holbein Middle School   
Mt. Holly, New Jersey            

Pfaff Elementary School   
Quakertown, Pennsylvania             

Annie Vinton School   
Mansfield Center, Connecticut            

Dorothy C. Goodwin School   
Storrs, Connecticut

Carderock Springs School.   
Bethesda, Maryland                  

Elemwood School
Baltimore, Maryland                                

Rockwell School   
Bristol, Rhode Island                                      

Guiteras School  
Bristol, Rhode Island                                        

Overdale School  
Louisville, Kentucky                        

Bardstown Primary School   
Bardstown, Kentucky              

Plainfield ES   
Nazareth, Pennsylvania                                   

Maugham School  
Tenafly, New Jersey                               

Choconut Valley School   
Friendsville, Pennsylvania         

Oaklyn Public School   
Oaklyn, New Jersey                         

Solvay School   
Solvay New York                                             

Zena Elementary School  
Kingston, New York  (BOCES)                
(2-day visit)

The Chatsworth School   
Reisterstown, Maryland               

Land O'Pine School   
Howell, New Jersey                                      

Ilchester School   
Ellicott City, Maryland                                 

Great Seneca Creek School   
Germantown, Maryland             

Our Lady of Mount Carmel School  
Boonton, New Jersey   

Hillside School.  
Livingston, New Jersey                                 

Jordan Roads School   
Somers Point, New Jersey                  

Dawes Ave. School  
Somers Point, New Jersey                           

Marian E. McKeown School   
Newton, New Jersey                      

Sunnybrae School   
Hamilton New Jersey                                 

Brainerd School,
Mt. Holly   New Jersey                             

School Five, Clifton   
New Jersey                                       

Gertrude C. Folwell School   
Mt. Holly, New Jersey              

Roberge School   
River Vale, New Jersey                             
(3-day visit)

Woodside School   
River Vale, New Jersey                            

Atlantic Avenue School   
Haddon Heights, New Jersey               

Seventh Avenue School   
Haddon Heights, New Jersey              

Abraham Lincoln School 6   
Garfield New Jersey                

Glenview School   
Haddon Heights, New Jersey                         

Taylor Street School   
Washington, New Jersey                    

Memorial School   
Washington, New Jersey                       

Indian Head School   
Indian Head, Maryland                       

Millbridge Elementary School  
Delran, New Jersey              

Atlantis Elementary School  
McGuire AFB, New Jersey       

Three Bridges School  
Three Bridges, New Jersey                 

Tuckahoe Elementary School  
Richmond, Virginia       
(2 day visit)

Wolfpit Elementary School
Norwalk, Connecticut              

New Egypt Primary School
New Egypt, New Jersey           

Logan Elementary School  
Logan TWSP, New Jersey          

Oak Ridge School  
Souderton, Pennsylvania                           

Little Britain School   
New Windsor, New York (BOCES)                       

Round Hill School  
Washingtonville, New York (BOCES)                   

Taft School  Washingtonville
New York  (BOCES)                          

Linglestown School  
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania                        

Merriam Avenue School  
Newton, New Jersey                    

Cumru Elementary School  
Shillington, Pennsylvania                  
(2 day visit)

Cold Spring School
Potomac, Maryland                         

Colgate School  
Baltimore, Maryland                                 

Marshall W. Errickson  
School  Freehold, New Jersey              

Robert L. Craig School  
Moonachie, New Jersey                

Penn Kidder Campus School  
Albrightsville, Pennsylvania            

Lindenwold School #5
Lindenwold, New Jersey                 

Sherwood Elementary School  
Sandy Spring, Maryland   

Jackson School  
Myerstown, Pennsylvania                                

Fort Zeller Elementary School  
Richland, Pennsylvania         

Signal Hill Elementary School  
Voorhees, New Jersey        

Lower Nazareth School
Nazareth, Pennsylvania                        

Mechanicsville School
Mechanicsville, Virginia             

Berkeley Elementary School
Bloomfield, New Jersey         

Blairstown School
Blairstown  New Jersey (Return Visit)   

Intervale Elementary School  
Parsippany, New Jersey        

Brewster Elementary School  
Durham Connecticut
(2 Days - Return Visit)                                  

Prettyboy Elementary School  
Freeland, Maryland     

Cromwell Valley Elementary School
Towson, Maryland    

Fairview Elementary School  
Bloomfield, New Jersey         

Hainesport School
Hainesport, New Jersey              
(2 day visit)

Kingsville Elementary School
Kingsville, Maryland    

West Hanover Elementary School  
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Mountain View Elementary School
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania  

Middle Paxton School  
Dauphin, Pennsylvania      

Rossmoyne Elementary School   
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania  

Lower Allen Elementary School
Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Silver Bay Elementary School  
Toms River, New Jersey

Cedar Grove Elementary School  
Toms River, New Jersey

Samsel Upper Elementary School  
Parlin, New Jersey       

Perry Elementary School  
Shoemakersville, Pennsylvania  

Land O Pines School  Howell
New Jersey (Return Visit)  

Columbus School  
Carteret, New Jersey      

Private Nicholas Minue School  
Carteret, New Jersey       

Nathan Hale School  
Carteret, New Jersey       

Hudson Maxim School  
Hopatcong, New Jersey               

Phillipsburg Early CLC
Phillipsburg, New Jersey      

Milford Preschool  Milford
New Jersey  (3rd Return Visit)

Hopewell Elementary School  
Center Valley, Pennsylvania

Kiddie Academy, Mt, New Jersey

Third Street Elementary
School, Belvidere, NJ

Elizabeth Moore School  
Seabrook, New Jersey

East Amwell School  
Ringoes, New Jersey

Bernice Young School  
Burlington, New Jersey

Conley School  
Bethlehem Township, New Jersey

The Goddard School  
Flemington, New Jersey

Third Street Tea
Belvidere, New Jersey

Clinton Preschool
Clinton, New Jersey

Hunterdon County Library
High Bridge, New Jersey

Kiddie Academy
Chester, New Jersey

Seaview Elementary School  
Linwood, New Jersey

Collingswood Book Festival
Collingswood, New Jersey

Kiddie Academy
Morristown  New Jersey

Lower Milford Elementary School  
Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Solomon Chapter Day School  
West Orange, New Jersey

Dr. William Mennies Elementary School  
Vineland, New Jersey

Blairstown Elementary School  
Blairstown, New Jersey

West Broad Street Elementary School  
Souderton, Pennsylvania

Liberty Bell School   
Coopersburg, Pennsylvania

Robert B Jaggard Elementary School  
Marlton, New Jersey

New Albany School  
Cinnaminson, New Jersey

Ironia Elementary School  
Randolph, New Jersey

Bethel Elementary School  
Bethel Pennsylvania

Greenwood Elementary School  
Hamilton, New Jersey

Mt. Tabor School
Mt. Tabor, New Jersey

Lincoln School  
New Brunswick, New Jersey

Wolf Hill School
Oceanport, New Jersey

Hamburg Elementary School  
Hamburg, New Jersey

Hampton Public School  
Hampton, New Jersey

Robert F. Drummond School
Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

Tulsa Trail School  
Hopatcong, New Jersey  

University Heights Elementary School  
Hamilton, New Jersey

Whiting School  
Whiting, New Jersey   

High Bridge Elementary School  
High Bridge, New Jersey
Daryl Cobb is an author who does school
visits in the United States and Abroad. Some
of the schools he visited during the 2011-12
school year include:
Daryl's author visit performances and programs
are rated by educators as excellent!
Writing & reading are about to get a lot more exciting!
"Baseball, Bullies & Angels"
[T]he sentiment is sweet and Van Wagoner’s
illustrations are eye catching, though it’s the little
girl’s expression that shines through on every page.
The verse Cobb has penned is appealing and...[t]he
idea behind the story of the little girl and her doting
father is charming[.] ”      
-- Kirkus Reviews
--Kirkus Reviews calls
Bill the Bat Babysits Bella",
"A sweet book celebrating brother-sister bonds."
-- Kirkus Reviews calls
"Bill the Bat Loves Halloween",
"[A] fast- moving, fun rhyming picture book"!
--Kirkus Reviews calls"Daniel Dinosaur",
"A sweet story told in simple rhymes that young
children will likely enjoy. The light, whimsical
drawings maintain a sense of fun."
For advanced young readers or ages 10 to 14
--Kirkus Reviews says that "Pirates: The Ring of
Hope, is [a] spirited swashbuckling tale of mystery
and magic. The characters are rich and beautifully
rendered, and the story is sprinkled with humor... .  
Much of the dialogue is delightfully silly."
"Greta's Magical Mistake"  
"With simple rhymes and a gentle spirit, veteran children's
author Cobb offers an enjoyable story of a witch-in-
training whose good intentions go awry. This pleasant,
engaging story provides valuable messages about
friendship and the importance of good listening. Artist
Pentangelo’s colorful, playfully skewed images underscore
the text’s comical tone and contain numerous small details
that attentive readers will enjoy.  A sweet but never
cloying tale of a student witch, playfully illustrated."    
Kirkus Reviews
--Kirkus Reviews calls "Henry Hare" A fun
romp with uniquely illustrated characters and a
simple solution to an amusingly silly dilemma.”
Daryl is the author of

"Pirates: The Ring of Hope"
An Author Visit rarely gets this good! Rated Excellent by BOCES of New York!
Personalized School Book
Celebrating a Milestone!
Interactive Assemblies Grades K-2
Music & Storytime
Books by Daryl Cobb
Purchase Books by Daryl Cobb
Inscribe book to: include name
Assembly coordinators, as you look at the information on my website, including all posted video
segments, keep in mind that I adjust my shows based on the grade levels that are attending each program
and the time in which I have to present it.  Your Pre-K classes, kindergarteners and first graders (Music
& Storytime) will be treated to a program that is designed for their age level, and that is different than
programs performed for older grades.  Each assembly of A Writer's Journey (2nd-8th grades) will be
tailored to be age appropriate for the group in attendance, with material varying based on grade.

If you have never experienced one of my programs in person then you are in for an exciting ride, one that
your staff and students will talk about long after the show is over!  

During my 50-60 minute interactive programs I will not only entertain, but will cover many important
topics including:     
Reference Contacts
and/or Letters
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It was not the traditional author visit with a simple talk and reading.  You brought the
stories and the show to life!  Absolutely!  The best author day I have seen and one of the
best assemblies I have been a part of!"
-- Sam Hafner, Principal, Liberty Bell School, Coopersburg, Pennsylvania
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"The students were engaged the whole time -- I loved it! The music and stories were
wonderful and the program information was adjusted appropriately for the PreK to 2
group, and the 3-6 group.  You are a talented author, entertainer… just a GREAT
talent!!"          P.S. We also loved our personalized school book!!!

Kerry L. Salerno, Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction
Moonachie School District, New Jersey
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